What Totally Awesome Website Are You Going to Build? No, really.

I’ve got at least five I’m going to build soon. No, seriously. I mean, I know I’ve been saying that since I was 16, but I’m really going to do it soon.


Case in point – my roller derby history/bootleg/current fed website. I’ve even got a cute and snappy domain name. I EVEN OWN THE DOMAIN NAME.

And I haven’t done the first thing to actually make it a reality. As for my other ones, two of them have already been done with unbeatable thoroughness, so there’s no need. The other couple are… well. I’m gonna get around to 'em. Soon.

So. What totally 1334 website are you going to build? No, seriously. You’re gonna do it anyday now, I know you are.

Me, too.

By the way, if anyone has a burning desire to own rollerdolls.com, lemme know.

I had an idea almost, slightly, jsut barely similar to Postsecret. Instead of people sending me postcards with secrets, though, it would be a site where people send me random notes/pieces of paper they find on the ground and I post pictures of them. Yeah, utterly pointless. But hey, who knows what weird notes are out there. Sure, I’d get a zillion shopping lists, but every now and then some weird gem might appear, like:

“Sunday - arrange steve chicken catagory potpurri”

Who knows what mysterious the world holds!

It’s already been done, boo – http://foundmagazine.com

I thought of that one, too.

Well, maybe some sort of site where people can pay to see naked women. There can’t be ANYTHING like that on the internet already, can there?

By jove, that’s the ticket! And what if we get the naked women to do sexual things with each other?

We’re going to be MILLIONAIRES, bouv!

I was going to build a website for my band that would send viewers into a Beatlmania-esque frenzy, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that yet.

I already have the [list]](http://www.livejournal.com/users/troymccluresf/275948.html) going, but I would like to create a full-fledged San Francisco Bar Review site.

I always wanted to make a site to review Buffalo Wings at different restaurants.

I’m currently pounding away at my new site for the last few weeks. Should be ready Real Soon Now…

(No, nothing to see there yet, unless you have a fetish for hard hats)

There’s a few sites out there that deal with the cool TV shows of our youth, but they’re all British or American based. I want to do one about New Zealand TV. I started on it, but half a week later it petered out and there it continues to sit, untouched.

I went through a period a couple of year back of reading vampire novels. I was thinking about setting up a webpage of reviews. I wrote up a couple dozen but never got around to posting them.

I also considered setting up an alternate history website called “Ten More Years”. It was going to be a collection of AH pieces about what various historical figures (Julius Caesar, Lincoln, Frederick William, Lenin, FDR) might have done if they had lived ten years longer than they actually did. I still like the concept but I did even less actual work on implementing it.

At one point I planned to do a commemorative site for the giant German flying boat the Dornier Do X. This was to include a clickable cutaway drawing of the plane’s interior, which included a smoking lounge, sleeping berths, a 60’ grand salon, and crawlways in the wings to allow engine repairs in flight.

Sadly, the mania passed. I’m like that. But I did get a fairly good reading knowledge of German from reading all the books.

OooOOOoooh, hard hats…

I’d like to put up a site of my little exploratory Flash/Shockwave deeliebobs, but I need to create more of them before it’s a real portfolio.

One which I am semi-seriously considering and talking to a few people about the feasibility:

I would like to make a giant interactive “map” of academia based soley on trawling for academic papers on the internet. Using a combination of keyword extraction and automatic clustering, my eventual goal is to produce a giant associative map which would, for example, start off with the major sections

ie: science, economics, social science, mathematics etc.

You could choose to zoom in one one cluster which would resolve itself down into finer details eg: Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science etc.

and so on down. You could see links between disciples and how closely two subjects are related by the number of papers that refer to both and you could pick out key papers in a field based on the number of citations and pick out how various subfields spawn off from the parent field.

Just a warning for anybody who is posting their great ideas…I have worked in trademark and copyright departments and unless you really have no intention of ever creating the website, it is probably not a good idea to throw out an idea on a board filled with people who create websites, along with many lurkers who do the same.

Don’t blame me if one of your ideas is stolen and appears on the internet in a few weeks.

I’ve been kind-of-sorta-maybe sporadically working on a website for a clan I’m a member of.

(link will break in about a week)

I’ve been working on a recipe site for a looooong time. I’ve probably redesigned it 6 times. But it’s almost done. No, really.