What TV character would you HATE having to be around in reality?

The flip side, obviously, of this thread.

I’ll start with Tony DiNozzo of NCIS. I’d have been in jail a long time ago if I had to be a desk away from him. On the other hand he’d be dead, so the world, on benefit, would be better off.

On NCIS, I don’t mind DiNozzo, but I’d hate to have to deal with Ziva…even Gibbs would tick me off. But Ziva would drive me batshit.

Tempe Brennan from Bones annoys me enough as a fictional character, I’d hate her IRL. (I don’t mind the book version.) Not nearly as much as Booth, though…him, I want to punch.

On Doctor Who, the Doctor and his main Companions, even at their worst, I’d be fine with. But some of the ‘side Companions’ so to speak, would be less so. Mickey (prior to his time in Pete’s World) would be the worst.

5 minutes with Dwight Shrute and I’d kill him.

Once Tony is dead, Ziva will be manageable. The majority of her malapropisms are calculated to annoy DiNozzo. Of course, if you kill DiNozzo, not only will she kill you, but it will never occur to her not to.

Gibbs is perfectly easy to deal with if you do your job.

Cosmo Kramer.

Anyone from that show but Elaine, actually.

George Constanza or either of his parents.

Michael Scott and Adrian Monk; neither ever know when to stop.

Hmm, spoilt for choice here. So many would make me insane in five minutes, but I’ll go with anyone from Sex and the City.

Peter Griffin.

Sheldon Cooper.


Sheldon Cooper would be funny for about 10 minutes, then it’d be funny strangling him.

I think pretty much any TV character would be awful in real life.

My first thought was Kramer from Seinfeld, my others would be Lucy Ricardo, Barney Fife, well pretty much anyone else. The only character I can think of from TV that might be fun to be around is Rhoda.

Louie DePalma

Oh, sweet Jesus.

We can close the thread now. Markxxx got it.

I like DiNozzo. I know a few people IRL who are just like him.

I pick Dexter Morgan. Interesting, funny guy to us watching, perhaps the same to some of those living with him (maybe not, because most of his humour is internal), but he’s like Jessica bloody Fletcher.

So yeah, going old-school - Jessica Fletcher. No way do I want to be around her!

The kid in Twilight Zone’s “It’s a Good Life.” Even without his special powers, I’d still want to strangle him.

Kate and Claire from Lost.

Alf was a take on the old cliche’ of the World’s Worst Houseguest. Rude, destructive, gluttonous, sarcastic, and inconsiderate. And the schtick of the show was that the Tanners couldn’t (or only rarely) call him out on any of this because he has the perfect excuse: he’s not only not from our culture, he’s not even human. And they couldn’t in good conscience kick him out because he had nowhere to go and would be in danger if they did.