What TV Series Would You Buy?

There are very, precious few series I would actually consider owning every episode of:

[ul][li]Babylon 5 - This I actually am buying through Columbia House. Of course, when I started, it was only available on video, and everyone swore up and down (this was before DVD was as semi-standard as it is now) that B5 was too small of a series that they’d ever “waste the money” putting it on DVD. Now that I can buy the entire season 1 for $75 on DVD (as compared to $25 for two episodes through Columbia House), I’m cancelling my video subscription, selling what I have on eBay (I’m at least through season 3, which means I’ve been buying these videos for several years now), and buying them on DVD in box sets.[/li]
I just loved the series - great characters, the story arcs were incomparable, and the acting was great. JMS isn’t the writer everyone makes him out to be, IMHO - I find his “casual dialogue” to be a bit stilted - but the man can write a speech, that’s for sure.

[li]Family Guy - Short-lived animated series that was The Simpsons meets All in the Family with a 00’s sensibility.[/li]
[li]Greg the Bunny - Another short-lived series that was basically a slightly cleaned-up-for-prime-time-television Meet the Feebles. Great stuff, always kept me laughing.[/li]
[li]The Tick - And another short-lived series, the live action version of the comic book and animated series. Patrick Warburton was delightfully delirious as The Tick - a perfect match for him.[/li]
[li]Earth: Final Conflict - OK, it jumped the shark in the fifth season (and I’d even consider not buying it, but I’m a completist, so I probably would), but it was still good. I was miffed when they did away with some of the arc storylines, but I loved the Taelons, Boone, and a lot of the minor characters.[/li]
[li]South Park - It comes and goes as one of my favorite shows, but they’re usually better than not. I’d love to get the series just to watch all the ones I missed. And yes, I do have the original “Jesus vs. Santa Claus” short that spawned the series on video.[/li]
[li]Farscape - I can’t believe it got cancelled! Granted we have an entire season on the TiVo to watch, but what a great series - the acting was great, I loved the dialogue, and the characters and plotlines were fun and crazy and smart.[/li]
[li]Invader Zim - Yet another short-lived animated series, but anything for Gir. “I love this show!”[/ul][/li]
I notice as I list these that the short-lived series are more apt to get on my list, because there’s less to buy and I could get the whole series in one set, rather than 5 sets for E:FC, etc.

I’m also considering buying all the James Bond films, which I am currently renting and watching in order. Some of them are darn good.

Oddly, I am not interested in buying any of the Star Trek series, even my favorite, TNG. Maybe because it’s 7 seasons, maybe because I only really liked the episodes in the final 3 or 4 seasons, I’m not sure. Or maybe it’s just because TNN plays them 24 hours a day. :slight_smile:

jkusters has all of Speed Racer and Cowboy Bebop, so I know I’m not the only person who is interested in series in their entierties - who else out there owns or wants to own which series?


South Park
Night Court

Family Guy – I’ve got to second this one. Great series. I wish they would make more!


My household has just acquired the DVD set of Sports Night shows. I honestly never watched more than one episode of the show when it was on the air. But I’ve now been treated to hours of entertainment. It’s a pretty darned good show!

So now that leads me to understand just how good an entertainment value entire seasons/shows are. And so I’ve been thinking…

Sex and the City - I haven’t had HBO for a couple of years, so I’ve missed out on lots of stuff. I’m thinking about getting these.

The Prisoner - Okay, I’d never actually spend money on this, as it’s a bit too pricey to justify, but I’d get a kick out of having this kooky series lying around.

And after watching the Sports Night stuff, we’ve already decided that we’re buying The West Wing whenever they get around to releasing it on DVD.

Agreed on Blackadder (we have them in the house, including the part 5 reunion). We also have The Prisoner in the house as well.


“Family Guy” is currently available in Region 2 (I have season one and have season two on order) and will soon be available in the US.

“South Park” is available in seasons sets in the UK as weel and have just started appearing in the US after the horrid thematic single disc offerings from Warner Brothers.

Ditto on “Greg the Bunny”.

“Futurama” season one is coming early next year, but is available in R2. I have seasons one & two.

I also have the “X-Files” sets 1-5. Season 6 is coming out in the spring.

I’d like to get the orginal “Star Trek” if it were available in a season set instead of the two-eps/disc format.

I have seasons 1-6 of ST:TNG in the cool R2 hardshell collector’s sets and look forward to getting ST:DS9 if they are offered in the same format.

Other shows I’d like to get (but only in season sets):


The Tick
X-Men Adventures
Looney Tunes (coming to R2 in character sets)
Batman: The Animated Series (slowly being released in single discs of 4-5 eps each)
Justice League
Batman/Superman Adventures
Batman Beyond
Rocko’s Modern Life
Invader ZIM
Ren & Stimpy

Regular shows:

Max Headroom
Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
Twin Peaks (still waiting for season two)
Sledge Hammer!
Police Squad!
Doctor! Doctor!
American Gothic
Alexei Sayles’ Stuff

How did he get Speed Racer? Is there any way to get it other than hunting down individual episodes on Ebay and paying way too much?

Johnny Quest. See Cafe Society thread. I can’t believe it isn’t on DVD.

WKRP In Cincinnati. Loved that show.

The Twilight Zone. “Where is Everybody”…“The After Hours”…“The Eye of the Beholder”…nuff said


Larry Sanders, Oz, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Real World San Francisco. The best season, IMO. Plus, I live there so it would be extra humorous for me.

Well. Good thing I don’t know where you live! :wink:

Make your wishes known here:


Buffy and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

I already have Blackadder, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, and most of the DVD releases of MST3K. I kinda want the ST:TNG, but not for $100 per season! I’ve considered the Simpsons, but they’re like TNG - always on, so why buy it? I hate to admit it, but I’ve been tempted by the ads for season one of the Highlander TV series. I did like that show…

I also need to get Sports Night.

NewsRadio. Even the Jon Lovitz episodes.

Rocko’s Modern Life.

Batman: The Animated Series. They’re working on this one, but the releases are weird (only the first 5 eps?)

Invader ZIM. Definitely.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

Seasons 3 and 4 of Mr. Show.

God, my entire list is cartoons and offbeat shows. What’s wrong with my life?


Babylon 5
Once a Hero
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Red Dwarf
Fawlty Towers
Monty Python
Dr. Who
The first season of “The Outer Limits.”

I have started collecting Futurama and Simpsons, I currently have Black Adder.

I wouldn’t mind having a few shows from my youth, like Count Duckula, or DangerMouse, and suchlike, but generally the ones I want are available already.

Brisco County would be cool, though…

Without a doubt… Quantum Leap

Oh, how could I have forgotten Red Dwarf? How embarassing.

Cupid. God, how I would love to see Cupid again.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete would be a blast.

West Wing.

Northern Exposure.

I have the Sports Night DVDs, and recommend them highly. Some really brilliant writing.

I also have Buffy Seasons 1&2, and Season 3 should be joining them in January.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, should I ever get the money to do so.
Pete & Pete.
US version of The Tomorrow People.
Clarissa Explains it All.
Connections and Connections II.

Hawaii Five-O
The “Travels in Europe” series on PBS