What TV show have you never watched or haven't seen in ...since forever.

I have to admit, I haven’t watched ER going on 5.5 years and I was surprised it was still on TV.

I’ve seen only parts of Everybody loves Raymond (though I do like it.)

And I’ve never seen Star Trek the next generation or any other spin offs of it.

I watched **Buffy ** once and was bored. Same goes for Charmed Angel and any other teenish vampire-witch show.

Never seen Friends. Hope to be able to say the same on the day I die.

I watched Voyager once…Never bothered again. After that I stopped watching trek altogether.

I’ve never seen ER, any soap opera, and besides cops and the first season of the real world I’ve never watched a ‘reality’ show.

Never seen who wants to be a millionaire, American Idol or Will and Grace.

I haven’t watched Jeopardy in years.

After seeing a little of the last couple of Survivor shows, I haven’t seen even a minute of the current one. I never watched Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island or any of those other so-called reality shows. The one exception was Last Comic Standing, which I enjoyed even though they picked the wrong guy (IMVHO).*

*Okay, I’m a liar. My opinion is not even slightly humble.

Amen brother, that pablum is about as funny as dryrot.

[ul][li] San Francisco Beat[/li]
[li] Kraft Television Theater[/li]
[li] The Naked City[/li]
[li] One Step Beyond[/li]
[li] Crusader Rabbit[/ul]Same goes for most modern shows, seeing as how my television has been off for more than two solid years.[ul] West Wing[/li]
[li] CSI Miami[/li]
[li] Friends[/li]
[li] Seinfeld[/li]
[li] Roseanne[/li]
[li] ER[/li]
[li] Most of the STNG spin offs[/ul][/li]The list is (thank goodness) nearly endless. I really miss The Three Stooges and Bugs Bunny.

Same here, except I did watch the episode with Captain Sulu.

I’ve never seen a single episode of “The X-Files”.

I’ve turned on my TV maybe two or three times in the last year, and not at all in the last six months, so there’s a whole bevy of shows I haven’t seen.

Before that, though, I made it a point to not watch any “reality” shows at all, and it’s been at least four years since I watched a prime-time sitcom. We finally stopped paying for premium cable when we realized we weren’t even sure if the TV actually worked anymore.

I do love TLC and the Discovery channel, though … kinda miss those. I especially like the guy with curly brown hair that does all the Egyptian shows.