What type of bike/motorcycle racing did I watch growing up?

They used to show these races on TV when I was a kid and I loved them. I’ve been trying to find them to show my son, who really enjoys watching any kind of racing on TV.

Here is what I saw:

  • motorbikes on a dirt track
  • a huge hill they ascended as part of the track, then they went down it(a huge highlight for kids). This whole thing was man made
  • smaller bikes, not huge motorcycles

The hill/ramp was my main memory. I see clips of bike racing, but don’t seem to see this type of track.

What league or group was I watching? Do they still exist?

Was it indoors or a stadium?

Assuming Running_coach and I are on the same page. Supercross is indoor and motocross is outdoors. If you remember the old Nintendo game Excitebike, that was motocross.

I’m guessing you’re talking about supercross and the big hill was just part of the track for whatever you were watching.

Looks like supercross is the one. More than once, we would see them do all those little hills and bumps and about mid-way, there would be a huge man-made hill they would climb. We loved that!

I’ll start looking for full races up on youtube.

Yup, that’s what I remember watching as well. One thing I always remember is how often someone would accidentally skip from one part of the track to another by going off the side and landing on a nearby section.
I don’t recall what happens in that case though. Surely they can’t just continue on. I have to assume there’s some type of rule against using a warp zone.

Mention of the hill reminds me of an event they used to occasionally televise - the hill climb. For whatever reason I used to get a kick outta these motorcycles trying to make it up an incredibly steep hill…

The big hills I remember were usually set in pairs as a jump from one to the other.