What unpopular things do you like?

Do you like anything that is usually considered unpopular, or that doesn’t seem to be widely liked?

I like visors, sweatpants, pitbulls, and alto clarinets.

Sock with sandals. Nuclear power. Sandwiches that don’t have pickles.

I like nerdy guys. Fortunately I live in the land of milk and honey, nerd-wise.

Bag pipes. Love 'em.

Learning banjo right now, but I know some people don’t like the twang.

I like slugs and snails and squid. And spiders. And hydrothermal tubeworms at the bottom of the ocean. Weird creatures are the best!

I also like (LOVE, with a fiery passion) grant writing, and most of the people I know who have written a grant at some point in their lives absolutely despise it. Even a lot of people who actually work in development don’t seem to like it much.

I like country music. Around the Northeast that’s pretty unusual.

Kid Rock. He’s popular, or has been, but is very much unliked around here, I think.

I like M. Night Shyamalan movies.

I love bagpipes too. Maybe because I’m 1/4 Scottish.


Pierce was my favorite character on Community. I know that’s unusual because of this poll. The one vote was mine.

Cigarettes. And ditto the bagpipes.

Anchovies. I realize this is like saying you love raw sewage, but I love them.


That makes two of us!:smiley:

The smell of skunk; but from a distance…


Instant coffee.

Don’t look at me like that. You know you do too.

Marmite, folk music, morris dancing, ocean liners (NOT cruise ships) and steam trains.

My house always has this on hand.
Always has, always will.

It does have its charm–but I sink even lower than you, in that I often will switch it out for Postum when nobody’s looking.

Ketchup on hot dogs, milk chocolate, operetta music (even in a language I don’t know).