What US Army MOS is a 31V1P?

Looking it up the only Google results are people claiming that was there MOS and actual MOS databases don’t seem to list it. 31V is apparently communications but I don’t know what the 1P means.

Tactical Communications System Operator and Mechanic

31v MOS
1= skill level/rank E1-E4
P= parachutist/airborne qualified.

I’m out now so I’ll have to ask but several years ago MOS numbers realligned. Military Police are 31 series. Commo is 25 series. That seems to be an old MOS number.

I’m guessing it’s the equivalent of 25C. Commo is a field where things can change rapidly due to technology shifts.

Or in other words, an enlisted Airborne radio operator/radio tech.

But yes this is an older MOS