What useful abbrevation should we start using?

Since we have been discussing abbreviations we weren’t familiar with in other threads, I began to wonder about this…

We have FWIW, IANA, BTW, WAG, and of course IMHO and MPSIMS, among others…but surely there are other phrases we say often enough to condense into abbreviations.

I think “JSYK” = “just so you know” would be very helpful. As in, “You’re wrong, pickles do come from cucumbers, JSYK.”

What’s your new abbreviation?


TLDR = Too long, didn’t read.

I could get a lot of use out of WTFC: Who the Fuck Cares

Sorta kinda - I’ve always like “eddress” as short for “email address”. I amidt, it’s got kind of an obnoxiously clever modern feel, but it’s actually quite handy.

GIY = Google It Yourself!

For The Pit and GQ, “RMP” and variants might come in handy…

RMP = Read My Post

RMFP = Read My Fucking Post

RMPA = Read My Post Again

These terms are used often enough that an abbreviation like that wouldn’t be hard to pick up on in the context of a debate or argument. FWIW. :slight_smile:

WRT = with respect to

That’s my favorite.

When reading particularly apocalyptic news items, I’ve taken to using TTJO – Time to Jack Off (courtesy of Get Your War On).

Ah, reposters. Love 'em or hate 'em, you just want to tell them SOTBP - Search Old Threads Before Posting!


Pain in the ass
R’PITA (sounds like repeatä)

Royal PITA

GIYF. :slight_smile:

Archeologist’s word for an unidentified fragment=GOK.

God Only Knows

“I dunno, throw it in the GOK pile.”

ATW,YCPS for a really dirty floor.

Another two weeks, you coulda planted soybeans.

AFAIK (As far as I know.)

FIIK = F**ked If I Know

Eddress is also something I’ve used for a while Smeghead. Much easier than typing both words out.


Oh look, there’s a troll masturbating all over a thread again.

It almost sounds Hawaiian.

I think JMTC will pass into common usage before long. Just My Two Cents.

I think it would be cool if DUYA also started making a regular appearance. Don’t Understand Your Acronym / Abbreviation.


Just To Be On The Safe Side

I actually use this in my code, when I’m doing a belt-and-suspenders assertion.

Our helpdesk has a code for certain trouble calls:

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

MTFBWY (May The Force be with you).