What video/computer games are you looking forward to?

I’m just dying for GTA 3 for PC (Out May 28) and Warcraft 3 (supposedly out in June).

Warcraft 3. Worlds of Warcraft. Star Wars: Galaxies. Soldier of Fortune 2. The multiplayer patch for Civ3.

Gone are the days when I avidly read gaming mags and waited for games that would complete me as a person. Nowadays I just see them in Best Buy when I’m picking up my weekly DVD and say “oh hey, that looks like fun.”

Dude, do you realize how long a multiplayer game of Civ3 could take? :eek:

No longer than a good game of Monopoly (which can go on for days, if the players are so inclined).

Anyway, games I’m waiting for…

-Morrowind: I don’t know if I’m going to get this on the X-Box or for PC… it’d probably run better on the former, but, then again, I am a PC gamer at heart.

-Doom 3: Hopefully it lives up to the creepiness of the first two… but in any case, iD has always given us major-kickass graphics, and I’m confident this won’t disappoint.

-A sequel to StarCraft: There’s none planned at the moment (last I heard), but dammit, after Blizzard finishes their currect WC projects, they need to do this one.

-Project Ego: Massive single-player RPG that sounds like it’ll replace what little real-world life I do have. ::drool::

Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights are the two biggies for me.

The two upcoming WarCraft titles, all the way!

Deus Ex 2. It’s a ways off, but I’ll kick a box full of kittens into a street if they’re blocking my way to the Babbages when it comes out.

Fortunately I can’t think of any scenario where that would be necessary.

Also, GTA 3, Medeival: Total War, and Doom 3

Ooh, a Deus Ex sequel… I’d get that. Also, a Max Payne sequel (Remedy has hinted at one, don’tcha know).

GTA3, Warcraft3 and Delta Force 3.5 (or Task Force Dagger is the “official” name for it).

Morrowind and Call of Cthulhu. Honorable mentions are also awarded to Neverwinter Nights and Master of Orion 3.

Black & White, for when I finally get a better computer. Yes, I was the dumbass who bought the game and opened it before looking at the minimum system requirements.

The new Tomb Raider, and the new Myst (though there’ll be a few years wait for that one, I’m sure)

Freespace 3. :frowning:

Ooh, ooh, a game that we’ve all been waiting for over the past half decade or so… Duke Nukem Forever.

SOF2 the only fps besides the starwars ones i can get into unless ya count mechwarrior as a fps

there having a free mulltiplayer demo over at game spy arcade but only one map

my advice is play death match as the team capture the flag is a camp fest

Nwn of course as I was addicted to the aol version …

Sea dogs 2 cuase its the heir to pirates gold … the best sega gen game

Repbluic cuase its thre updated version of powermonger

And one game from ms thats basically wingc ommander privateer 3 and was developed by the creator of wing commander I never remeber the name of the damn thing
Note from this list is any of them new game? or just updates of old ones ?

And the ultimate morpg star wars galaxies! which promises to mix the best of ever quest and ultima online
Im sure there will bve 20 others that ill like … damn you game spy …

<thinks sometimes hes a gs fanboy >

Another 3D RTS game like HomeWorld.

You probably would be better off just throwing it away and saving yourself of the frustration:)

Master of Orion III
Deus Ex 2

Those are the only ones I am really looking forwards to, but I don’t really buy games right as they come out anymore. Might as well wait untill they patch it and the game is actually finished.

Master of Orion III, definitely.

The PC Version of GTA3.

Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3.

I’ll be following reviews and word-of-mouth on Freelancer when it’s finally released. The control scheme makes me leery, though.

Neverwinter Nights.

And I’m very antsy for Morrowind to ship now that I’ve got a rig that can handle it.

Morrowind will probably go gold within a week. :smiley:

Deus Ex 2? Call of Cthulhu? You guys are just teasing me, right? Just raising my hopes so you can laugh when they’re dashed?

I’m excited about NWN and WarIII; they’re the only games coming out that I know I’ll buy.