Eagerly awaited games

I am chomping at the bit for Portal 2, and Diablo 3. Portal is slated to come out in a week or so - I’ve already pre-ordered on Steam.

If history is any indication, Diablo 3 will be a long time coming. drums fingers on desk I’m ready.

Portal 2 won’t come out for another month I believe (second half of April). And now that DA2 is out, there is not much I’m eagerly anticipating.

But I always like these kinds of threads, because sometimes I run into a game I should have anticipated for several years, but never heard about before.

Second half of April? Bastards. :wink:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The latest video was a disappointment (what with the glow around all interactable objects, silly takedown animations and the cover system) but I live in hope.

Heroes of Might and Magic VI. Hopefully it can recapture the feeling of HoMM III.

The Witcher II. I always got bored in the swamp in TW1, I’m looking forward to the second one though.

Stronghold 3. Stronghold 1 and 2 were a lot of fun. The fantasy version (Legends?) wasn’t as good but this is a return to the standard format, should be an improvement.

Diablo 3. Enough said.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Although Oblivion was a step backwards from Morrowind and I dislike some of the changes; I have no doubt it can be modded in to a fantastic game.

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword. A new Mount and Blade game? Awesome.

Guild Wars II. I like my MMORPGs. I like PvP. Should be good.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. I enjoyed the old Star Wars MMO before the NGE. I love Star Wars in general (except the new films). I like BioWare (though I prefer their older stuff). Worth getting excited about.

Checking though a list of release dates now…

Jagged Alliance 3. Really? First I’ve heard of it. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. It had better not have real time combat!

XCOM. I know they’ve changed the format. I know the battles are in real time. I know what I just said about JA3. I’m still looking forward to it.

Starcraft II expansions. I’m not interested in the multiplayer. I’m really looking forward to the Zerg campaign. You can keep the Protoss campaign…

I remember reading something about a Saint Row 3 being announced. If it wasn’t for the terrible PC version of SR2 I’d be a bit more excited about that. If they give us more than a token, ill thought-out port this time; count me in.

I’m sure I’ll buy a lot more games than just that though. Those are just the ones that stood out to me.

Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and Portal 2

By the way, games that I’m eagerly anticipating but are still a very long way off: Thief 4, Arkham Asylum 2, Uncharted 3, and I just found out that there will be a Prey 2.
ETA: Oh, and Bioshock Infinite of course.

Diablo 3 is the only game I can think of that will make me finally update my ancient system.


The complete, definitive, true version of Tales of Vesperia that’s on the PS3 that Namco-Bandai will finally release in the US. Right? RIGHT!? We’ll at least get ** Tales of Xillia**… maybe… possibly. sob my life is a lie.

Other than that, the usuals:

Portal 2, Withcer II, The Old Republic, Half Life 2 Episode 3, but most of all: Skyward Sword.

DNF ftw

Firefall needs to come out yesterday. Instead it’s probably going to be another year.

In the meantime, I’ll take APB: Reloaded, which is much closer to playable status.

I love HoMM3, but I also like 5. I skipped 4, was it the really bad one?
On another note, I just finished Amnesia and I want another one like that. I freaking loved that game.

In the never-gonna-happen category, I have been waiting since 1998 for a sequel to Grim Fandango. There never were plans for a sequel, and the genre is mostly dead it seems. Still, I kind of think the Wii would be an awesome platform for it!

I love that game, and my husband and I regularly quote it to each other.

“My scythe. I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.”
“I just locked an open door…strange, but symbolically compelling.”
"…from now on, we soar. Like eagles. Yeah. LIKE EAGLES… ON… POGO STICKS. "
"I have the heart of a twelve year old child. I keep it in a jar over here. Would you like to see it? "
“What did you say little kitty? Don’t talk kitty-cat! Just RUNbaby!”

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword.

I’ve been expecting Diablo 3 to lauch this year too, but if this is right, we won’t see it until 2012. SWOTR the next game I’m excited about, despite how disappointed I was with DA2. And if we are talking about games in 2011, there’s Mass Effect 3 even if that one’s still over half a year away.

I didn’t play much of IV and V before going back to III so it’s a little difficult to remember what felt wrong.

I did a little googling to remind myself why I preferred HoMM III and it seems the general consensus is that HoMM V undid a lot of the bad stuff introduced in HoMM IV.

Perhaps I’ve been a little unfair to HoMM V. In fact, I’m going to give it another chance right now…

HoMM V wasn’t that bad a game, but every hour I played it I was thinking “oh, these fights would be so much better if this was King’s Bounty instead”. Steam says I still manaed to sink 43 hours into it, though.

This might be the wrong thread to mention it, but MORTAL KOMBAT!

Also Duke Nukem Forever and Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon.

<on topic, yet random>

Someone needs to remake Carmageddon.

</on topic, yet random>

I’ll take a different tack. Board games.

The Guns of Gettysburg I’ve been following the creators design blog for awhile now and this new one is almost ready to ship. He created Napoleon’s Triumph a few years back which I consider a masterpiece. This promises to be as good or better.

No Retreat: The Russian Front GMT will release this remake of the Vicotry Point Games classic No Retreat! and will add the expansions Na Berlin! and No Surrender! All in all a fantastic design that certainly begs for higher quality pieces.

Definitely Portal 2. You monster.