What video games did you play this year and what did you think of them? 2020/Quarantine edition

It was, sort of. It retailed for less than a full Far Cry game and they were open with the fact that it wasn’t a fully fledged game on the same scale as the rest but rather a (stand alone) epilogue type experience to Far Cry 5

LOL, I wish the edit window was longer. I meant the BOW here.

I haven’t been gaming for a super long time, but I do play some games on my PC. In 2020, I got into GTAV Online. Recently, RDR2 online. I currently have a dedicated server for Valheim and Ark SE. I’ve been playing a ton of Ark. Valheim is a good builder, but a meh game.

Yeah, it’s beautiful and even plays well, but something about it overall is just… meh. I feel like it wouldn’t be out of place on an Aldi shelf, just labeled “FPS.” I mean, it’s a quality product and it gets the job done, but it’s completely generic.

I agree, interesting thread.

Divinity 2: Original Sin. Strong characters, interesting choices, endless jumpbash combats. Got to the final boss and uninstalled after endless frustrating attempts. Hated going back and respecking to get good prices, sell everything, buy new stuff, respec again into combat, do this after every level.

Wasteland 3: Actually the first wasteland game I played–I appreciated its parallels and its less fantastic contrast to Fallout. Beat it on 2nd difficulty, not sure that the game has a lot of replayability.

Victoria 2: Fun. Try to take a nation that’s not #1 in the world and get them be #1–so, the US annexed Mexico (win) and been trying to get Prussia to become Hyperdeutschland. Still learning and getting better at it–the game’s more narrow time focus and harder conditions to destroy nations makes it probably the best nation building game I’ve played.

Talisman PC Edition: Good for a pickup game with friends and a good compstomp of AI. Some of the expansions just suck, however, so some quality concerns.

Gloomhaven PC Edition: Still in beta, still beautiful. Deep thinking game, some MP, some single player.

Fallen Enchantress: Ehhh. Fun to beat up the computer, computer surrenders and starts working for you, congratulations, your pyramid scheme has toppled the world. Had a lot of potential but this is no…

Master of Magic: This classic game is still fun, although I don’t remember the AI wizards basically being in a constant state of jihad against you.

Lord of the Rings Card Game: This is a fun one, albeit one where the AI has advantages and plays dimly. Cleared all the missions but not going for completionist style effort on this.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: You might say I was rather engrossed in this one.

Judging strictly on technical merits, I’d rate it maybe a borderline 6/10. It’s a big world and there’s a whole lot to do. While the enemies in the more difficult areas take and dish out more damage, that’s the only thing making them harder; as long as you’re gaining levels and gear, you should be fine. Visually it’s very impressive, and some areas are breathtaking in their beauty. Probably its biggest failing is that unlike the best AC games, you don’t really get to change your environment in a positive way. The wilderness will always be full of dangerous predators, hostile towns remain hostile, bandit camps always fill back up, conquered castles are basically big useless lumps of stone. If you got a rush from rebuilding Rome in Brotherhood or crushing enemy fortresses in Black Flag, you might find this disappointing. If you’re the type of player who enjoys checking off accomplishments, you definitely want this.

What else…I just started DuckLife Adventure, and it looks like it could be fun. And I’ve played Wordscapes for several months and it’s been really good, just the right mix of effort and reward. (Hey! Don’t knock mobile games! They’re not all ripoffs! :slight_smile:)

I disliked this game, intensely, even though I eventually finished it (once). Robots who look like 15-year-olds in fetish gear shaking their butts around a blasted landscape wondering if other robots who look like Fisher Price Little People have souls. Nothing made sense, and half the time it was a side-scroller. I hate side-scrollers.

Good music, though.

Yep. The annoying thing is, that before playing the game I had read reviews that suggested that the story would be both intensely moving and philosophically profound. Instead, there was just hours of the protagonists – who are themselves androids – handwaving the obvious sentience of the other androids.
(I don’t consider these spoilers, as this is the theme right from the very start.)

I’ve beat it a second time since my earlier review. Note that the second time is not actually a repeat; it starts out looking like a repeat of the same game but actually the story diverges a lot.
And there must be a lot of content still to see after the second playthrough, but we’re already in “shame on me” territory.

Oh and agree about the music, it’s fantastic IMO.

I just saw that the Humankind release was pushed back until August. While that is disappointing I am hoping they don’t want to repeat the issues faced by other devs when they shipped a game too some.

I started back up with Elite Dangerous after a many year hiatus, and that is what I have been playing with ever since.
I feel bad I didn’t spend time on KSP and have a hankering to get back and see how Planetside 2 has been comming along.
On my phone I did a fair bit of world of warships which I also downloaded on the kids PS4 , spent too long on Nova empire as well.

Persona 5 - I am at the boss of the first palace and jeez, I can’t stand this game. I am generally not a fan of the games that require ‘save points’. And the fight mechanic just seems to cause endless annoyance with me. Not to mention the graphics are generally worse than the other PlayStation Plus Collection games I’ve played. That’s a no for me.

What system? That is actually a PS3 game, though it dropped with the PS4 as well and people often associate it with that machine.


The lack of a PS4Pro upgrade really shows after playing Last of Us Remastered which received one.

Yeah, and again, it was a PS3 game that they released on PS4.

I’m not entirely sure that changes anything. I don’t care if it’s a PS3 game. It’s a PS+ Collection game and looks like crap compared to most of the other games on the Collection.

Persona 5 does get better if you keep playing.

The primary upgrade mechanic with Persona games is taking over the powers of enemy characters and using them for yourself. If you didn’t get far enough to begin this process I can understand why the fight mechanic would seem bad. I was not a fan of the palace mechanic either; the idea itself isn’t bad but the gameplay inside can be tedious. I also felt they should have built the in-game dialog to reflect what was happening with relationship status. As in, the main character starts sleeping with one of the other primary characters and no one even mentions it? It never comes up? Really?

Despite the flaws I really enjoyed it and was happy I finished it. I might be a bit biased as I loved the first Persona.

I’ve enjoyed Fenyx Rising, but I can’t make any more progress. It is so hard for me. I’m playing on the easy mode and I still can’t collect a single essence.

So, I’m back to searching for a new game.

Hey what if your tech savvy and interested in learning coding etc but have yet to gain any real experience, would this game be too difficult even the easier stuff ? Like is it educational at all before it progressively gets harder


its actually both A nod to the grim over intense and bloody characterization that was the first 5 games and show that he’s paying for his earlier actions

ill post a spoiler here wait until you find out who the kid turns out to be right at the end it’s a holy sh-- moment …

(7 billion humans)
Yeah, it’s not really a coder vs non coder issue. My gf also really enjoyed the game and she has zero coding experience.

It’s a general issue with puzzle games I guess. When you encounter a puzzle that you can’t even think of a plan for, what then?
At least with games like The Witness you can try some random attempts and sometimes you come up with a plan from doing that. With 7 billion humans you kind of have to have a plan first because a non well formed program will typically do nothing.

Anyway it’s worth trying out as it’s cheap as chips. I think I may have even got it free in an epic games promotion.