What video games did you play this year and what did you think of them? 2020/Quarantine edition

I’m not entirely sure that changes anything. I don’t care if it’s a PS3 game. It’s a PS+ Collection game and looks like crap compared to most of the other games on the Collection.

Persona 5 does get better if you keep playing.

The primary upgrade mechanic with Persona games is taking over the powers of enemy characters and using them for yourself. If you didn’t get far enough to begin this process I can understand why the fight mechanic would seem bad. I was not a fan of the palace mechanic either; the idea itself isn’t bad but the gameplay inside can be tedious. I also felt they should have built the in-game dialog to reflect what was happening with relationship status. As in, the main character starts sleeping with one of the other primary characters and no one even mentions it? It never comes up? Really?

Despite the flaws I really enjoyed it and was happy I finished it. I might be a bit biased as I loved the first Persona.

I’ve enjoyed Fenyx Rising, but I can’t make any more progress. It is so hard for me. I’m playing on the easy mode and I still can’t collect a single essence.

So, I’m back to searching for a new game.

Hey what if your tech savvy and interested in learning coding etc but have yet to gain any real experience, would this game be too difficult even the easier stuff ? Like is it educational at all before it progressively gets harder


its actually both A nod to the grim over intense and bloody characterization that was the first 5 games and show that he’s paying for his earlier actions

ill post a spoiler here wait until you find out who the kid turns out to be right at the end it’s a holy sh-- moment …

(7 billion humans)
Yeah, it’s not really a coder vs non coder issue. My gf also really enjoyed the game and she has zero coding experience.

It’s a general issue with puzzle games I guess. When you encounter a puzzle that you can’t even think of a plan for, what then?
At least with games like The Witness you can try some random attempts and sometimes you come up with a plan from doing that. With 7 billion humans you kind of have to have a plan first because a non well formed program will typically do nothing.

Anyway it’s worth trying out as it’s cheap as chips. I think I may have even got it free in an epic games promotion.

you should try the harvest moon/story of seasons games… i think there’s a few on pc but the series goes back to the SNES … after the ds era of games the companies that made them split up so now there’s a separate series called story of seasons which is based on the original game series and a separate series called harvest moon … it’s a weird situation lol

Okay well shit ill definitely give it a try I haven’t had a console in a few years or gaming system in general but I plan on buying a ps5 I think I appreciate all of the input

Thanks, but that style of 2D Anime cute is not my kind of thing. I have even deliberately not played Stardew Valley for that reason.

What’s the mechanics of getting free games here. A few have mentioned they got them for free and I’ve ended up spending $8 on steam for the same game. Is it a game where they try and get you on dlc? It it just Epic?

Free is free on the Epic game giveaways. I got GTA V there free, played the entire game, and paid not one cent for it.

Some have DLC and I’m sure they would like you to buy that, but free is free on the Epic weekly giveaways.

I downloaded the Epic client to play Fortnite for a couple of hours before I decided it was an overrated piece of crap, but I didn’t realise it had actual value for getting free games…


For the longest time, I only grabbed free games from them. Finally, they had an amazing deal on Immortal: Rising Fenyx. It had just come out 2 weeks earlier and I grabbed it for $30 or so there. The only time they got my money and I have tons of games there. I have played:

  • GTA V
  • Star Wars Battlefront II(single-player for me, but whole game is free)
  • Subnautica

All three of those were entirely free and amazing deals, especially GTA V and Subnautica.

Bah, Subnautica was bought by around Christmas for $15 on steam by me. but that was a sale, so there was a chance I’d have paid much more than that.

I think it was my first free game from Epic, or one of the first ones. I did not have a computer that could play it at the time, but went back and played it last summer. Great game, bit laborious at times. Worth every penny(ha ha).

Probably a number of dopers have a similar story, as the free subnautica deal was shared here.
That was what made me go download the epic platform in the first place.
It’s still the platform that gives away the highest quality of games. It’s good when I see something I want to buy there as I always feel I need to give something back.

Funny… I was coming back into the thread to mention Valheim, but in a totally different way.

My experience is pretty different. Normally I’m not interested in the building/crafting genre of games; they’re either too difficult, too fiddly, too grindy, or some combination of all three. Valheim manages to hit well on all three for me, in a way that’s entertaining.

It’s true that the actual scripted part where you beat the bosses is pretty sparse, but that’s not the point of the game; the point is in getting to each boss fight through the building and leveling mechanisms. And on that count, Valheim is fantastic- it’s not grindy, so there’s not that feeling that you just spent your gaming session swinging a pickaxe the entire time, or that you put all that effort in and have a shitty bronze dagger, and are dreading the amount of time and effort to get a bronze sword, never mind a steel one. Valheim manages to pace things well, so that you don’t get that (IMO) hideous uphill climb feeling that you get in similar games.

It’s also sort of got something for everyone- if you like the actual building aspect (buildings, compounds, etc…) it has that in abundance. If you like the hunting/gathering aspects, you can farm, hunt or gather. If you like dungeon crawls, it’s got those. If you like the crafting aspects, it’s got several options there as well. And if you like fighting, there’s plenty of that too. Exploring is a big part of it as well.

All in all, it’s kind of a sleeper. I wouldn’t have tried it of my own accord, without my gaming buddies wanting to play it, but it’s definitely grown on me in a way that most building/crafting games haven’t.

Yes, I think so as well. It was the first “big” game I saw given away. My library is fairly extensive now, all free games except for the one game I bought from them.

They do this cool thing during the sales where they put things on sale, but also have a $10 coupon at checkout that repeats on each order. It’s how I grabbed a new $60 game for about $32 or so.

I have been trying to like Valheim. I run a dedicated server for it, I have a group that plays together, but it’s just not grabbing me as a game. I will play with friends, but I far prefer to “cheat” and play creative.

Since I’m a cheapskate, I play games that are several generations behind. Played oblivion for the 2nd time this past few weeks. I still play State of Decay 2…now over 2000 hrs. Played subnautica again. And fallout new Vegas for like the 4th time late last year.