What video software can make THUG NOTES?

For those unfamiliar with Thug Notes, they’re… well, NSFW for starters, and addictive for seconds. It’s a black comedian in thug gear synopsizing and analyzing literary works.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Slaughterhouse Five

The Hobbit

The guy’s hysterical: imagine a funny Tracy Morgan, if you can.

However, my question is technical: any idea what software will make similar videos? Most of the individual graphics can be mocked in Power Point with some help from Photoshop Elements (i.e. they’re simple), BUT what is the least complicated editor you could use to put them into a video and animate like this?

“Animated” is exaggerating it a bit. I think they’re probably just single images made in Photoshop, one after the other. If they had been done in any other kind of compositing software (e.g. After Effects) they would’ve been actually animated with motion and sparkly bits.

iMovie can do that stuff pretty easily.

Is there a version for PCs?

Windows Movie Maker.