what was Blondie's maiden name?

From the Blondie website:

"From flapper and playboy to pop culture icons. It was way back in 1930 when Dagwood Bumstead first met Blondie. (Consider yourself a true fan if you know Blondie’s maiden name.) "

OK, so what was Blondie’s maiden name? :confused:

Blondie Bumstead is the former Blondie Boopadoop.

Boopadoop. She was a flapper with a well off husband, Dagwood, whose family thought she was too common for him. Eventually that aspect of the strip went by the wayside.

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Judging by Dagwood’s eagerness to start on the honeymoon, he was quite the horndog in his youth.

Betty Boop, Blondie’s half-sister, shortened the family name when she entered show business. :wink:

Well lets face it - Blondie is a major babe! Although I always thought Daisy Mae was way more hot! (What was Lil’ Abner thinking?)

Sister of Betty Boop.

Is this true? Or was this just a question?