What was Dream Theater's "other" big song?

My local public radio station is using some music behind a promotional bit that I am fairly sure is from Dream Theater. “Pull Me Under” was their biggest hit but it’s not that. Very nice piano work. I’m not a DT super fan but I’m pretty sure it’s DT.

Another Day maybe?

That’s very familiar but I’m not hearing the piano break. Not sure that is it. I could be wrong, might not be DT but whatever it is, I’ve heard it many times.

Man, I always considered Panic Attack to be “the” Dream Theater song, but no piano there.

Learning to Live?


Lots of keyboards. Piano break at 11:35.

I’m not a huge Dream Theater fan but I always thought the song most people were familiar with, maybe if only for its length and virtuosity, was “a change of seasons”.

Dream Theater only ever had one real hit song with “Pull Me Under”. They tried again with a single from another album a few years later, but it never clicked with the radio audience and fell out of rotation quickly.

Perhaps you’re thinking of Faith No More? They had a similar style around the same time. Their song “Epic” had some piano work at the end.

Is it Space-Dye Vest, maybe?

Either way, Space-Dye Vest is one of those songs that just kind of hits me. It’s so, captivating, I guess, to me.

I’ve never heard that before so thanks for posting, but that’s not it.

The public radio station isn’t running that spot anymore so it’s going to be hard for me to recognize it when I do hear it.

BTW, If you like Prog Rock with lots of piano check out Triumvirat, Illusions On A Double Dimple

I was in the middle of posting a response but the Band I was thinking of is actually Dream Academy. Oops. Too many Dream ____ Bands! :slight_smile:

Silent lucidity is the song you’re looking for.

I was thinking of Queensryche, but there’s no piano on that song, is there?

1.:smack: I gottem confused. OP said Dream Theater

  1. I would go see if it has piano, but I really don’t like that song/band and it’s almost 6 mins long:p:D

OP did, but could very well be thinking of another band, so Queensrÿche is not a bad suggestion, I think. I thought of them, too, but couldn’t think of any songs of theirs that had piano (but I don’t know any of their songs really beyond, well, I think “Silent Lucidity” may be the only one I know.) I’m trying to think who else with radio play sounds like Dream Theatre, and I’m kind of blanking.

To be honest, I don’t even remember hearing “Pull Me Under” when it was out. I know who Dream Theatre is; I know who their drummer Michael Portnoy is, but name a song, and I’m lost. FWIW, Billboard lists these songs as charting for them, in order on the Mainstream Rock charts: “Pull Me Under” (#10), “Another Day” (#22), “Take The Time” (#29), “Burning My Soul” (#33), “Lie” (#38), “You Not Me” (#40). Maybe that can help the OP out in their search.

Was their drummer. He left in 2010.

“Caught in a Web” got radio airplay in my area for a while, then they kind of fizzled out of the mainstream after that.


Well, I guess my info is a decade out of date. Interesting. He’s the only band member I would have been able to name. Maybe it’s because I hung out with drummers and Mike Portnoy was a bit of an idol in that community.