What was invented 100 years ago today?

What was invented 100 years ago today?

In a New Haven Restaurant called Louis Lunch, by the owner, Louis Lassen.

Zenster? Anyone?

They’re better than Ray Kroc’s version I’d bet :wink:

I give up.

French fries or potato chips?

The first item in a google search on the guy’s name.

The Hamburger.

And you call yourselves Americans. For shame :wink:

Dammit, beatle, you quick BASTARD :smiley:

My nasty great grand aunt Heather???

Though i cant imagine any relitives of mine having the guts to do something like that in a restaurant…


The hamburger (or at least something that looked one hell of a lot like it) was invented by the Romans. Fryed ground beef between to buns… sound like anything you’ve driven thru for lately?

Oh, reeeealy?
And just where do you all think the Hambugundians were all that time? In **Hamburg[/] making Hamburgers, that’s where.