What Was On The Cover Of "Time" When You Were Born?

Sorta like this thread.

A project at work has me checking out the search capabilities for a few hundred newspaper & magazines’ web sites. While I was checking out the site for Time, I came across an interesting feature.

If you go to their advanced search screen and scroll down to the bottom option, you can see the Time cover from your birthday.

My birthday cover has a banner reading “Days Of Death In Viet Nam”, and a drawing of Hanoi’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap (who I’ve never heard of before).

So, what was your cover story?

“Nixon’s Palace Guard” with tricky Dick at the top and Kissinger, Haldeman, Ehrlichmann and another guy on the shield in front of him.

“The Push to Impeach” and a drawing of President Nixon.

Bonus – you can click on the cover to see the table of contents for the issue, and although you’d have to subscribe to the site to get full-text articles, you can still read snippets of the stories.

Did folks in 1968 really think the Bee Gees were the next Beatles? :dubious:

The Church In Shock

A very bizarre illustration of a family made of blocks…(but check out the mom’s strangely disproportionate breasts and styling lampshade hat)

“The US family: HELP!”
and somethng about Poland erupting…

Beverly Sills: America’s Queen of Opera

Walt Disney. :cool:

A Humpty Dumpty drawing of Burt Lance, with Jimmy Carter in the background.

Explosive Falklands, with a ship going kerflooey. Ah yes, the Falklands War, the War to End All Wars… over the Falklands…

Dick Cavett Born.

Russian Cosmonauts Nikolayev and Popovich

That is so cool.

Natassia Kinski
“Hot Faces From Europe”

And there’s something about an embassy bombing in Beirut. I guess it wasn’t important in comparision.

“The Second Term”, with a picture of Reagan being sworn-in on the cover.

Inside: As well as the cover story, articles on the Brazilian election, ex-politicians becoming lobbyists, the British pound, and reviews of Blood Simple and Centerfield.

Teng Hsiao-p’ing - Visions of a New China

The President’s Boys

The historical significance is lost on me.

Columbus Discovers America!

(I told you guys I was older than most of you…)

Actually, mine was Douglas Macarthur…

I got the “Retreat From Integration” cover. Kinda boring. I was so hoping for some Vietnam thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. A few years ago, for the birthday of one of my dearest friends, I combed E-bay for any (relatively memorable and recognizable) magazines that were issued when she was born. For the monthly mags, I just got the December, 1969 ones, but for the weekly ones (like TV Guide), I had to look for one that covered the exact date (Dec. 23). It was loads of fun! And I bet that I managed to collect about eight to ten good magazines . . .

She thought I was a little nutty . . . but she said that her husband and his dad got a kick out of the December 1969 issue of Playboy. :smiley:

John Glenn

Humpf. I got left out. They don’t start until 1923.