What was the best episode of McHale's Navy?

In response to Cicero’s post in the “Gilligan’s Island” thread.

Maybe the one with “He’s the Tiger of the Pacific, Quentin McHale!”

“You’re not from Massachusetts, are you?” :dubious:

“Mchale, Desk Commando”. Raquel Welch in a bathing suit (she plays a nurse).

The one(s) where they build a bar out of an abandoned outpost.

I’m partial to the one where Sue Ann Langdon plays a Russian officer in a sarong. :o

“No Sherman tank was ever built like that!”

Too specific. :dubious:

The one where Gruber broke the rules and McHale had to keep Lead bottom from finding out.

Rule Number Seventeen of 1960s sit-coms:

“The episode where the mad scientist switches their brains all around is de facto the best episode of the series.”

I liked the one where Tim Conway acted like a dufus and Joe Flynn did an extended slow burn.

Isn’t that the one where Gruber tries to pull a shady deal and McHale ends up getting the guys out of trouble?

I kind of liked the episode where Fuji got to go off with the Japanese American unit in Europe. I was worried what would happen to him when they were in Italy. Was that the last episode?

It was a silly, formulaic show, and I loved watching it when I was a kid. I loved Tim Conway doing his shtick, and pretty much all of the guys, great comedy because it was all about the laughs, no time wasted on character development. Simple but pure comedy.

I think you got that confused with the episode of *F-Troop *where Agarn tries to pull a shady deal and O’Rourke ends up getting the guys out of trouble.

What ep did the Man From Atlantis show up in?

No, you’re confusing it with that episode of I Dream of Jeannie where Roger tries to pull a shady deal and Tony ends up getting everybody out of trouble.

“War, Italian Style”. It was the 1st episode of the 4th season when the PT command was transferred to Italy. Fortunately Fugi had a 2nd cousin with the 442nd Japanese-American “Go for Broke” Regiment

I came here to post that one. Especially loved Binghamton in the chorus singing his heart out, after they’d changed the lyrics to make sure McHale wasn’t selected:

McHale’s worse than Captain Bligh
He’s a low-down creep, rotten guy

I wouldn’t say there was no character development. We gradually learned things about the different characters (Christy’s fiancee, Gruber’s background as a con man, McHale’s past with Molly, Parker’s family back home, and so on) as time went by, just as in real life.

I also particularly liked the one with the Brits, where they kept calling Old Leadbottom “Captain BingHAMPton.”

Citing ‘best’ episodes of 60’s sitcoms is akin to keeping track of slow pitch softball league game stats, discussing vintage years of RC cola, or making urination a Nobel Prize category.

Citing ‘best’ episodes of 21st century sitcoms is like trying to figure out which Kardashian is the least sleazy.

The one where they torpedo the Japanese sub and it busts in two on the surface. That one was amazing!