What was the last beverage you tried on a whim? How'd it turn out?

I had one that the bartender said was invented on Cheers!, although I haven’t seen that episode yet.
It’s called Step Into An Open Grave and has some of EVERYTHING! Tastes like hell and burns something wild. I tried to make it drinkable with soda but couldn’t dilute it enough, so he bought me something else. This time I took a lime-coke and sat still for a while until my stomach came back.

I tried Zima on a whim and it sucks. SUCKS. How anybody drinks this crap is beyond me.

  • I tried the blue vegetable-washing soap you use in those shaker-things. I figured it wouldn’t be regular soap, because regular soap wouldn’t all rinse off, and would make you sick pretty quick. This didn’t taste like regular soap, but did kinda churn my stomach and about a half-hour later my tongue did burn a bit where I had put the stuff. - As to why I tried it, I already basically said: the label says “natural ingredients” and washing vegetables in that much regular soap would definitely make people ill, so I wanted to see if this stuff was edible. (barely, if at all) - MC

Chartruese (sp?) liquor that was 106 proof, green, tasted like Necco wafers flavor… really weird, spicey, herby, sweet.

The kind of stuff you have around just so you can have folks try it (once) -lasts for years…

Bicardi 151. Actually, it was more of a dare than a whim. Turns out I like the stuff.

I think it was bad vodka mixed with Pepsi…started out as straight bad vodka, but it was really bad. 2:1 Pepsi:vodka was reasonably ok, though.

Warming up for the Darwin Awards, are you? :slight_smile:

Petroleum is all-natural ingredients. Sand is all-natural ingredients. Cobra venom is all-natural.

Did you not notice the Not for internal use warning anywhere on the label?

Last beverage tried on a whim: Clearly Canadian, strawberry-melon flavour. I figured anything Canadian can’t be too bad. I love the stuff!!!

Last beverage tried on a dare: Tequila. I’m 17 and I’d never had anything alcoholic except half a Mike’s Hard Lemonade that my best friend and I nicked from her parents and shared, but when I went to Mississippi to visit my sister (who’s a bartender), her husband dared me to do a shot of straight tequila with him. I was nervous – anything that requires two separate taste-bud-dullers can’t be all that good to have as your first real taste of the hard stuff – but I did it. Twice. Once with him and once with the guy I had been flirting with all day. I hated it. It tasted like salted, limey rat’s ass. But I expect I’ll forget all about that and do it again when I want to get shit-faced some day.

MC - you’re a nut. I like that.

My last beverage on a whim was Thai iced tea, and I’d love to make it at home, but I’m too lazy.

Hubby’s last drink on a dare was something called a Grassfire – tabasco sauce and tequila – I think mixed half and half. Not sure, and he still can’t talk.

Today’s try was something called a Chambord Shiver, which looks like a pink sno-cone with a raspberry on top.
Tastes like it too. Not awful, but also nearly impossible to drink until it starts to melt.

I once ate a cherry that had been soaked in Everclear for six months.

Don’t ask.

I’ve also eaten a raisin that had been soaked in gin for a long, long time.

Double don’t ask.

The local barmaid comes up with a different weird each week for the football games. The drink for last monday night was a “Miami Jetstream”, green gatorade, 151 rum, Triple Sec, tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Not bad, but… not good either.

Fletch: I was about to ask how anyone could stand to ruin good alcohol with Gatorade, but then I looked again and realised what booze you were talking about. Rum, tequila, and (maybe a little) Triple Sec can’t get any worse.

My condolences to your liver.

Oh No! Don’t mention liver! She might make up some pureed liver and beer. “Pate Fois Bud”

The last drink I tried was an Ice Cream Sandwich. It has amaretto, kahlua and cream, and some other stuff, but I was too drunk at that point from White Russians and Toasted Almonds (my faves) to hear the bartender. However, rest assured that it was delicious, and tasted just like a yummy milkshake, which is why I had 5, which is why I spent that night paying homage to the great God of Toilets.

Try it if you like creamy, milky drinks, but do not have 6. I felt like a ton of concrete was residing into my tummy. Blech!

I have lasting memories of buttermilk. I was very young. All I knew is that I liked butter, so buttermilk had to be good. My mom and grandma tried to talk me out of it but grandpa said, “If the boy wants buttermilk, let him have buttermilk”. I never did forgive him. Note: bad thing to drink before you board a train.

Gen-yoo-wine Moonshine.
Very bad.
Very, very bad.

Bone-dry fino sherry. The sweet stuff is like cough mixture, but the salty dry stuff turns out to be great.

Red Bull.

Okay, so it’s not a bar drink. It’s a canned energy drink. but it sounds like a beer, right?

It tastes um… odd. But not bad. Unfortunately it’s expensive (the price of a beer), and I didn’t feel any extra kick of energy.

I drank about 2 ounces of Cholula, but thats not alcoholic.