What was the last show you watched from series premiere to finale

Mine would be Martin(92-97). 24 would have been the answer but the final season came when I still had yet to make the DTV transition.

30 Rock.


I assume you mean in realtime. We picked up both Breaking Bad and Fringe midway in their runs and watched the last season or so in realtime, but I suspect that’s outside your question.

*Deadwood *would probably be the only show we watched start to finish, and I think we disc’ed the first season of that.

Maybe it’s none, ever, for us, even though we’ve watched 15-20 complete runs using disc and replay.

West Wing

Burn Notice

Breaking Bad.
Before that the only show I watched almost religiously was Cheers.

Are we meaning here that it was watched episode-by-episode as it aired, rather than binge-style?

If the former, I’m probably all the way back to ST:TNG.

Unless y’all will allow for my season-at-a-go style of watching 24 every year.

The last one that I watched start to finish in realtime w/o recording, etc, was The Shield. And it probably will remain so, now that I have a DVR

Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager. Watched them every week start to finish. DS9 ended first. I think Voyager ended 2002? or 2003?


Correct. OTA during the series run.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip


Terriers :smiley:


Star Trek: The Next Generation. Looks to be a popular selection.

FlashForward. It only had like 4 episodes before being canceled though.

I caught up on all Game of Thrones episodes before season 3 started.

My friend gave me the whole series of Rome, didn’t watch it yet though.

We watched all the walking dead episodes, but not on the premeire date.

This, actually. BSG before that.

I missed the first half of Breaking Bad S1, due to my not paying attention (saw the previews, thought, “That looks neat, I’ll check it out when it comes on,” and promptly forgot about it).

I also missed the first season of The Shield until someone loaned me their DVD box set and got me hooked.

I am current on my Archer, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, Walking Dead, and Person of Interest.

Breaking Bad
Firefly, but then that’s no achievement. :slight_smile: