What was the last thing you ate?

Hey, I’m just curious… what was the last thing you ate? Was it good, or terrible?

For me, the last thing I ate was raw cookie dough (double chocolate chip), mint chocolate chip ice cream, and spicy BBQ sauce… all mixed together! You should have seen how it looked… wooooooooyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Okay, so it might not have tasted that great (the BBQ sauce sort of obscured the mintiness of the ice cream), but it was certainly something else!
[sub]I wonder what my friends will think of this one when I tell them later on tonight… [/sub]
Your turn! No matter how gross, or good! Share your eating habits with the rest of us fellow Dopers! :smiley:

A bag of BBQ chips.
And before that (like seconds before) a bagful of grapes.
And before that (like seconds before) BBQ’s sausages for dinner.

I had half of a large pizza with a lot of jalapenos, portobello mushrooms, meatballs, and feta cheese. I have monster indigestion, and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning.

I had some imitation crab and a huge bowl of fruit.
It’s a diet thing…

A bowl of lime sherbert. It was good.

I had a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on white bread with no butter and no salt or pepper.

Oh, good… finally, something I actually know the answer to :wink:

2 Chocolate Peanut No Sugar Added Low Carb Endulge bars. And yes, they’re a lot better tasting than they sound :smiley:


I had some pierogies for dinner, and have been munching on generic corn chips all evening.

A steak marinated in taco seasoning for two days. Slowly barbecued, then cut up and rolled up in a flour tortilla with horseradish cheese and green onion.

1/2 of a Heath bar for desert.

A handful of Crack in a candy shell.

Or what’s better known as Rieces Pieces.

Oh, man - we went to TGI Friday’s tonight. I had the Sesame Jack Chicken Strips off the appetizer menu with a salad.

Good God, those things were delicious. They were served with a Jack Daniels sauce for dipping. My tummy is extremely happy right now. :slight_smile:


Ruffles 3-D’s–Maximum Cheddar flavor. Man, those things are addictive. Ah bleeve Ah’ll haves another’n raht now…

Thin crust pizza with ham and pineapple, then, semi-frozen Pepsi.

An entire Freschetta (sp) frozen pizza (well, once frozen, cooked when I ate it). Before that, nothing but ten cups of coffee all day. Before that, a perfect medium-rare lamb loin with spinach spring rolls and mashed potatoes, a tiny dollop of goat-cheese with Japanese peppers, and fresh raspberry sorbet for dessert. Oh yeah, and a Sterling Vinyards merlot.

I went out last night.

Three big celery sticks, cut in half, filled with low-fat cream cheese. Before that, dinner, which was steamed broccoli, plain, and about three ounces of skinless chicken. Boring, I know, but in my mind’s eye I had a huge greasy cheesteak, thick cut fries, and a chocolate sundae for dessert!

I actually had myself a pretty good dinner.

A large spinach salad with red onion, carrots, bleu cheese crumbles, candied pecans and a balsamic viniagrette
A hunk of baguette smeared with a piece of triple creme brie
A glass of sparkling mineral water
and for dessert, a big scoop of Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream

(I love dinners on ‘grocery days’)

Dinner this evening consisted of white rice mixed with cream of mushroom soup and tuna fish, seasoned lightly with salt, pepper, & curry powder. This was served with a side of leftover Cheesy Wings from the Wing Dome. And a Dr. Pepper which I am still nursing.

No vegetables whatsoever. That was lunch.

Grilled Portabella mushrooms, basted with Italian dressing, and several bowls of pasta salad. I didn’t do the best job of preparing either one, but they were edible.

Six or so frozen Thin Mints (the Girl Scout cookies). Yum.

Right before that, a grilled teriyaki chicken breast. Delicious.

Small single serving bag of Fritos, and a Diet Coke.