What is the last thing you ate?

I just had a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing and walnuts. :smiley:

A strawberry fruit bar, like a popsicle but with actual fruit juice frozen.

bag of peanut M&Ms

A hard-boiled egg.

Beef-flavored ramen noodles.

Curry rice from Trader Joe’s.

A few watermelon cubes and two small Kitkat sticks.

A chicken wok with noodles I made for dinner. Everybody liked it…! (Three kids, 4 to 8.)

Bacon sarnie.

Vanilla goats milk ice cream with chocolate syrup.


Currently eating roasted almonds.

Fancy sandwich*, Cheez-Its, iced tea, mini lemonheads.
*Smoked turkey, muenster, honeycup mustard, red onion, on thick pumpernickel.

McDonald’s oatmeal with fruit in it.

I thought all those whole grains were supposed to keep you full for a good long time, but here it is 4 hours later, and my blood sugar’s dropping, and I’m starving.

A boned skin-on chicken thigh, griddled with olive oil, butter, garlic, scallions and fresh thyme, served with warm naan bread and steamed, buttered green string beans.

I’m clearing out my freezer before our upcoming holiday- hence the chicken thighs and naan bread combo. I was going to make a curry, but didn’t have any yoghurt for marinade and raita, so changed my mind.

Granny Smith apple

Jalapeno cheddar Cheetos. I know they are oh so bad, but they taste oh so good! Stupid accessible vending machine!

A li hing mui. I’m sucking on it right now. [/nohomo]

Chocolate donut, frozen.

A few forkfuls of potato salad to tide me over until dinner.