What was the most baffling gift you got this year?

As in, what gift most clearly screamed out that the person who picked it out for you CLEARLY has absolutely zero idea of who you are and what you are like?

My nomination: a subscription to “Quilting” magazine. HUH?

The FM radio cleverly concealed in a fat ballpoint pen. It’s in a retail bubble pack as if from Walgreens.

Does it look like an MP3 player? No. Do I want another portable radio? No.

They were such simple letters, and only four of them: i-P-o-d!

A kitchen timer in the shape of a snowman. My mom did good on some other ones, but, WTF? I cook, but it’s not like I don’t already have a timer on the stove, the microwave, etc.

I gascard for $20 dollars.
I don’t drive.

I got a little thing called a JokeMaster. It’s like a digital sort of joke book, with a Laugh-O-Meter and some other stuff built in.

Now, I know I got it because I love to tell jokes, but I don’t know if I should be pleased or insulted.

My brother has been good for Xmas gifts I’m not interested in. I gave my family a Long Long list of DVDs three years ago that I wanted. However my brother HATES getting things off peoples lists or gift cards. (that’s why I made the list so long telling him that way I’ll still be surprised yet get things I want)

3 years ago, a very expensive jersy…I’ve never worn one of these in my life.

2 years ago (gets the point I want DVDs) gets me Star Wars Attack of the Clones DVD. Huh? This is the movie I refused to see in the theater b/c the first one sucked so much.

this year. Poltergeist (thanks not on the list but I had a lot of bad horror movies on there so it’s close) Matrix Reloaded (huh? Thought the first Matrix was barely passable never bothered to see the other two) and as a late B-day present Pirates of the Carribian. (double WTF???) He also got my mother Amelie. I had to watch that with her to explain what was going on. Heck I would have liked that movie more then pirates.

The mrs bought me a new hairdryer which is significantly worse than my old (supercool) hairdryer. I realise this was done because I use an adapter for the plug and share it with my phone charger. I would rather change the plug… dunno how to break it to her tho…

I am sure someone would be thrilled to have that regifted to them

My sister gave me some sort of plaque that seems to be for hanging on the wall. It has a mysterious kitchy picture of a little bird on one side, and a little nest on the other. Behind the bird and nest is handwriting in Italian that is supposed to look like it was written with a quill pen, and there is a fake note hanging over it that’s in French. None of it seems to mean anything. That was my birthday present, which was last week. For Christmas she gave me a wooden turntable thing apparently for serving dip and crackers. There is a depression in the middle for a little bowl, but no little bowl was included. She gave my ex a sweatshirt that says something like “I lost my youth – does anybody know where it went?” Like he’s supposed to wear that in public?

A combination flashlight/whistle. Yeah, that’s what I said…

My mom gave me a mortar and pestle. When questioned (“Gosh…thanks…ummm…?”), she said she remembered I had always wanted one. Uh, no. I think I might have seen one a store window 15 years ago and remarked, “That’s nice,” and somehow that became twisted in her mind into a lifelong burning desire to grind my own herbs. Whatever…I do appreciate the thought she put into the gift, and I’m actually sorry I didn’t react with the delight she expected.

This year I got two kitchy items (a dreamcatcher keychain and a dove something) attached to a card about St. Joseph’s Indian School, and a fake-pearl necklace included. THey look like those things charities send out when they want money. These were from my parents. All I can do ig thing WTF?

A XL-Tall sweater in a style that I have never once worn. I mean Dad you have seen me in the past month. I did not gain 50 pounds and 4 inches since thanksgiving. Yesh.

From my parents, who for some reason abandoned the cash thing this year and went out to get “real gifts”… cheap faking-it-classy earrings and necklace in a tin box. I haven’t worn earrings since grade 7, and necklaces give me this choking feeling like I’m being strangled. The worst thing though, was they left the price tag on. It originally cost $19.95, but there’s a red pen through that and next to it, is $4.95.

I could have really used the cash as I need to buy textbooks for next semester. Parents. :rolleyes:

7 Up Yours…awwww, I’m sorry. Tell them there is no shame in cash so they shouldn’t feel bad about it. Cash is a real gift.

Two 50’ telephone cords. :confused:

oh I forgot to add the sugar free chocolates I got. No sugar but tons of Carbs…this from someone that knows better. (I’m diabetic)

Funny thing is, I wasn’t really expecting much for Christmas this year. My mother gave me a $400 check a couple weeks ago as an early Christmas present so I could buy fencing for my new farm. And explained it was my Christmas gift. That was more than I was expecting, but I ended up getting 4 shirts all of a style I really like, a cool jacket with a dressage rider on it, an antique lamp for the farmhouse, a $50 Lowes card, and other assorted stuff. There wasn’t one "huh?’ present in the bunch. A record!


A frilly pink “nightie” (it’s a negligee, but my sister insists it’s not a negligee, it’s just “sleepwear”). I don’t wear pajamas; I sleep in a t-shirt at most. During the rare periods when I do acquire and wear pajamas, it’s either flannel jammies or a flannel nightshirt. AND I don’t wear pink.

She says she wanted to get me “something different, something I didn’t expect”. Well, that’s fine, but get me something that I would wear/use, not something that you would.

Oooh, my mom gives some good “What the hell?” gifts. This is just this year’s collection!

Various Garfield things. I used to read the comic book things…when I was 10-11…and I’ve been getting deluged with the stuff ever since.

A box of Q-Tips. I use maybe 2 Q-Tips a month. I have four boxes from previous Christmases still in the medicine cabinet.

A free sampler thing from Post It Notes. Because nothing says “I care” like something with FREE SAMPLE in big letters.

Some pie filling mix. Just the filling. And it’s a mix, so I have to go buy a crust, eggs, oil, etc., should I desire to make a pie. And I’ve never expressed an interest in pie-making. Should I desire a pie, I’d go to Kroger and buy a pie.

A HUGE bag of peppermits. The only time I eat peppermints is when I have a stomachache.

Various monkey-related knickknacks and doo-dads-Because I used to call my sister a monkey, so now I get all kinds of monkey stuff as “thinking of you” things, I guess? This time it was liquid soap. With a monkey inside it. Or on it. Or something.

Some of those clips you use to hold reports together.

A staple remover. Seriously, a staple remover? What the hell kinda Christmas gift is that? If I was a professional stapler, maybe, but then I’d use one of those funky/evil electric staplers.

One legal pad. It has nothing on it. It’s just a legal pad. What the hell?

And oh no, I can’t get cash, “it’s so impersonal.” 1. A staple remover is PERSONAL? and 2. Has anyone in the history of the world said, “Oh, no! Cash! I’m so disappointed?”