What was the name of those spicy ice cream toppings?

There was a thread about them a year or two ago. They were a line of ice cream toppings that were “hot” (in the spicy not the temperature sense). I was looking for them in a store recently but I can’t recall the name. Can anyone help me with the name? And are they still on the market?

Toad sweat?

Old fogey here. When did people start putting hot sauce on ice cream?

red hots

That combination never occurred to me when I was a kid. But then, I thought a coke float was uptown.

There is also a cinnamon sauce.

Tonya got it in one. It was Toad Sweat I was trying to remember.

Don’t knock it, dude. Jalapeno jelly on Fudge Ripple ice cream is a treat right up there with (gratuitous sexual reference).

I didn’t knock it. I’d just never heard of it.

So, which one goes best with Hagen Daz vanilla bean?

Hot Caramel

Now it’s down low or maybe fo-shizzle.

I would like to submit that in Delaware and Maryland they have a sauce they call “wet nuts.”

That is all.

I think this might be the best use for my Kiwifruit Habenero sauce. Its very tasty, but I haven’t figured out what to use it on.

Toad Sweat Lemon Vanilla Dessert Sauce on Damfro Vanilla Yogurt :smiley:


The Toad Sweat dessert hot sauces are delicious! I must get me some more, quickly there!