What was the old price of an American New Scientist subscription?

I remember a few years ago I looked into subscribing to New Scientist magazine, as an American. I recall that it was extremely expensive over here, unless you got a student rate in which case it was just rather expensive.

Now it appears that it’s $51 a year, for a year of weekly issues, so that’s quite reasonable. Does anyone recall what the old rate was, for curiosity’s sake?

I forget how much it was I paid when I first started getting it, but when I went to renew a year or so ago they wanted like $150 bucks. I said screw it and let it expire. Maybe I missed the good earlier renewal deals, I don’t know.

Around father’s day they had a special price of $50 (maybe $51) that they emailed me, so I restarted my subscription.

I’m glad I did, I love the mag. Plus, I won one of their contests a couple years back and got some scotch and a free science book.