what was the overall demographic and political outcome of Darfur genocide?

for instance Holocaust in Poland or Armenian massacre in Turkey ended with all the targeted people dead or fled, never to return. Genocide in Rwanda ended with the Tutsi losing a big percent of the population but reestablishing political control as a Tutsi-ruled nation. So what happened in Darfur by now? Did the entire Fur nation die or become destitute refugees unable to continue agriculture? Or was only a small section of them, in terms of population and area, affected whereas all the others are still living in the region and maintaining their economic and political institutions?

JEM and the Sudanese government just signed a truce earlier this month, which leads some people to hope that there’s going to be a good chance for a peace treaty.

interesting, so it sounds like those Fur people are still in the region and even have some military capability since their enemies are negotiating with them. I guess I was seriously mislead by the Wikipedia article that seemed to suggest that the whole conflict is just an unmitigated massacre of defenseless civilians without any real war or resistance.

Well, the JEM are primarily Zaghawa, but the Zaghawa are also suffering in the Darfur conflict. The Fur primarily make up the Sudanese Liberation Army.

And there is a major massacre of defenseless unresisting civilians.