What was the theme song of the english show: Tomorrow Today?

And who or whitch music group composed it?

Do you mean Tomorrow’s World?

(presented frequently by Raymond Baxter)

It’s by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and there’s an album with it on:


I’ve no idea if that’s the right answer, but this link plays the tune:

By the way Baxter hasn’t presented the show for over 30 years, glee!

I think the Radiophonic Workshop thing must have been some later Tomorrow’s World intro, because the classic theme, as linked to by Vetch certainly wasn’t by them, what with it being any good and all. No, it was by celebrated Jazz noodler Johnny Dankworth, it says here. There’s a three-minute version somewhere on that site too, if you’re interested. Nice.

I beleive you gave me the right answer, but I forgot to specify a little detail, here it is:

The theme song I’m searching is from the french (traduction of the show) version of the show, it was titled: “Demain la vie”. It was broacast on Radio Canada back in the 70s.

It was inserted between main shows as an intermede. The intro was using the same OCR font as the original but it was totally different. and the music was some kind of jazzy electric guitar with some synths, but my memory almost only remeber the riff itself witch it very difficult to reproduce with words here.

Any clues?


Aye lad, but that was the decade I thought the OP wanted. :slight_smile:


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Are you still out there?
Did you succeed in identifying the French theme?
I’m going through hell trying. Can’t get any data.
It really is a tough one!


Yeah I’m still here…

Still looking…