What was this 1980s arcade game?

Thinking of an arcade video game from the 1980s that involved shooting machine guns and missiles at approaching military vehicles - planes, tanks, that sort of thing. The only thing I clearly remember is that periodically during the game, there was a break where you could purchase new armaments from a place called “Crazy Ali’s Arms Bazaar,” while music based on the Arabian riff played in the background.

Anyone recall the title?

Might be the Smash TV sequel Total Carnage? The flavor and such is right, but I can’t seem to confirm.

yeah that was a riff on desert storm…did it start with a reporter talking ?

Did it look like this?

I don’t think so. My recollection is of something a bit more like Missile Command. Man, this is buggin’ me… :confused:

Sounds familiar but I can’t find it. Only thing that comes us is this thread. :smiley:




Found it:

There’s a screen capture from the game just below that text. I had the name of Crazy Ali’s shop wrong, which is why it wasn’t coming up at first; I finally found it by searching for “Crazy Ali” and “arcade game”.

Here’s a video of gameplay; Crazy Ali’s Weapons Warehouse shows up at 1:08.

So it was indeed like Missile Command…sort of…in that you were trying to shoot down inbound aggressors. Maybe a bit more like BattleZone though, in that it was sort of 3D. Anyway, I just always remembered it because of Crazy Ali, which is something you wouldn’t see in a mainstream arcade video game these days.