What was this bug?

Very early this morning (about 3:30) I was awakened by a loud thumping noise in my house. I soon discovered that it was coming from a box (filled only with packing material) I had recently placed next to my garage door to take out on trash day. I picked up the box, and discovered the thumping was coming from an insect I had never seen before.

It was about the size and shape of a firefly, but it was all brown. I picked it up in some toilet paper and was surprised at how strong it was when it struggled. I could see why the thumping on the box was so loud! [If you are in PETA please stop reading] I was also surprised at how hard it was to crush him, much harder than normal insects [/If you are in PETA please stop reading]

I live in the Dallas area - any ideas on what kind of bug this could have been?

Click Beetle?

Wow - first post! That’s it exactly!
Is it something I need to be concerned about?

This pic is very close to what I was looking at this morning:

Click beetleon Wikipedia.

Harmless. Often tormented by children, who flip them over to watch them right themselves with their click.

It certainly has been hot here lately!
Thanks guys!

I’m in North Texas, too, and we’ve been seeing more of these guys this year than ever before. (My kitten loves them - they can keep a cat occupied for a while.)

Their larvae (wireworms) can be a problem, but they’d have to create quite an infestation first for the numbers to be high enough to cause much damage.