What was this drink?

Years ago I was getting shots at a bar. Each shot had three different kinds of liquor, which would settle in layers. The idea was that while each liquor didn’t taste great on its own, the whole shot would taste really good, like chocolate cake or something.

A friend said it’s called “chocolate cake”, but googling on that got me a very different recipe. Most of those have only two liquors and involve sugar and lemon. That’s not what we had.

Any ideas?


Maybe. I kind of remember one of the liquors being clear though. I kind of remember white, black, and clear. The black could have been khalua.

There’s a 3-layer chocolate cake shot recipe kicking around somewhere that involves vanilla vodka, frangelico and godiva chocolate liqueur (which comes in white as well as brown)


Khulua, Bailey’s, and Absolute?

Here is a link to one recipe (with an annoying video that auto-plays)

Could be either, but I don’t think it had Godiva. Bailey’s sounds about right.

Bailey’s is a common ingredient in layered drinks because it floats well. Hell, even I can make a layered Buttery Nipple.

Bailey’s doesn’t taste great on its own?

I’d sooner believe you don’t like ice cream.

Who said it doesn’t taste great on its own?


There’s another version of this shot does not involve chocolate liquer at all-it’s replaced with a SMALL amount of kaluha, I think-and subs citrus vodka for the vanilla, and it tastes even more like chocolate cake.

ETA: The key to really stepping it up is the citron vodka, oddly enough.

I believe there is a mocha and vanilla version of Kahlua, maybe that adds to the chocolate flavor without actually being a chocolate liqueur.

Ah thanks. I didn’t put the two together.