What was this film?

I can’t find the name of a movie I saw in the 1950s or early 60s, black-and-white, which had a lonely boy, son of a scientist I think, who makes friends with the computer in his dad’s lab and plays chess with it. All the machines on earth rebel and try to kill all humans (vacuum cleaners attack housewives, etc.) and the computer goes to kill the boy. He can’t do it, as the boy says they are friends, so he self-destructs instead and all the machines go back to their former servant-of-mankind state.
Have looked at various sites listing computers in movies but no plot sounds like it, although The Invisible Boy comes the closest - I have probably forgotten a lot of details, but does anyone know what that film was?

The Invisible Boy was my first thought, too, but it doesn’t fit. The film is a weird sort-of sequel to Forbidden Planet, shot in Black and White.

In the present day a boy (played by Richard Eyer, the Genie from Seventh Voyage of Sinbad) finds Robbie the Robot in pieces. He puts him back together, and Robbie creates an invisibility potion for him.

There’s stuff about a conference of scientists, and, in particular, about a computer that goes megalomaniacal and tries to take over. Robbie destroys the computer (parts of which look like Robbie), sacrificing himself. There’s nothing about a revolt of the machines, though.
I can’t think of anything that quite matches your description from the 1950s or early 1960s. One episode of the Twilight Zone had a Revolt of the Machines, with a man threatened by his electric shaver. The film the Twonky has Hans Conreid interacting with his TV, which became self-aware (with help from aliens).

Did you see this movie in the theater? I remember a lot of movies from ye olde days in black and white because I saw them on a black and white television.

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