What was this horror/fantasy movie? (Medieval intro, rest in modern day)

I was just wondering if someone could help me ID some kind of horror/fantasy movie I saw the start of (maybe the first five minutes), many years ago.

It starts out with some knights trudging through a sandstorm in the desert, lead by a monk who looks rather like Rasputin. They rush to some kind of cave/catacomb with a barred gate, where some evil guy (I think he was a vampire or a demon or something) is inside, about to sacrifice a baby (IIRC, the baby was actually a newborn prince) in some evil ritual, and gloats to the heroes that they won’t get to him in time to stop him.

In response, the leader of the heroes (he might have been a king or something—I think he had fancier armor) orders an archer up to the door, who takes aim, and plugs the evil guy with a couple of arrows, buying the good guys enough time to get the door open, save the baby, and dump the evil guy in a crypt or a well, and have the monk seal him in alive.

The next scene, however, skips ahead in time to…the modern day, in what I think was a New York police precinct, with what I’m assuming was to be the movie’s real hero talking with his partner.

I’m kinda assuming that the next major plot point was going to involve a security guard getting mysteriously murdered the night before a major museum exhibit’s opening, but that’s just an educated guess.

Can anyone identify this one? I’m pretty sure it was an 80s movie, though I don’t know the year. And, naturally, I don’t remember the title, character names, or any of the actors. :smack: Can anyone help?

Warlock (1989), maybe? Some of the details don’t seem to match up, but that was the first thing that came to mind.

Are you sure it was a movie? It sounds something like an episode of a TV series called Forever Knight. They did a lot of flashback scenes to stuff in the lives of various vampiric characters, the lead was a vampire now working as a homocide detective…