What was this movie about reincarnated soul mates?

Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing one of those “identify this…” threads. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I am and here it is:

I saw this movie on TV, so it could be a TV mini-series movie. The plot is not super complicated. It was in the early 1990’s I guess.

Basically, a guy and a girl really love each other. He can play the trumpet, by the way. Anyway, they love each other a bunch, but they die.

In heaven, they try to make a deal wit angels(or God) to go back to life and be together. The deal they get is this: You can go back to Earth, but you will not remember your previous life at all. Hopefully, the two of you will somehow “recognize” each other and you can be together. True love recognizes past death, so to speak.

Anyway, they are reincarnated. The story mainly follows the guy. He becomes a jazz trumpet player. In fact, at one point in the movie, his parents(from his previous life) pick him up because they feel strongly for him and want to help him.

Eventually, the two lovers pass each other on the street and turn to look at each other, like they recognize each other.

I assume love conquers all and they end up together.

What movie(TV special) was this?

Made in Heaven

I think that’s it. Thanks.

I knew I had a lot of specifics(the trumpet playing and so forth), but I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it. :slight_smile:

Tom Robbins, the wacky writer, makes a quick appearance in the film as a toymaker.

Your knowledge of this movie seems to invalidate, somewhat, your sobriquet. Just sayin’.

I’ll always remember that movie for Debra Winger in drag.


Well, never say that I don’t come back to things once I follow through.

I finally got a copy of “Made in Heaven” and watched it. Yes, this was the movie. Yes, just about every thing I remembered about it happened as I said.

And you know what? I see why it burned its way into my mind as a young man in the very early 90’s. It’s actually a pretty refreshing and original story. I dare say I found some of the scenes touching.

Anyway, thanks to Diogenes all these years later for identifying the movie for me. I’m glad to finally see it and recapture the experience I had a kid watching this movie on TV.

Was there an alternate ending?

No, but it didn’t exactly end the moment the two soul-mates refind each other. It goes on a couple minutes after that.

It has a very dreamy vibe that really struck me as a kid. The music is partly synthesizer. Not like Bladerunner, but kind of similar. And it is very odd because the two leads spend most of the time apart in the movie.

I’m really surprised how good it is. A lot of stuff that sticks in our minds from our childhood ends up being only OK.

I recommend this one.

I really like this movie. It also stuck with me from when I saw it as a kind on VHS after it came out. I remembered a lot of it.

I had no clue Debra Winger played the “stand-in” for God until reading up on it as an adult.
It’s funny that she’s doing a kind of Tom Waits impression … and it makes me think of the song “God’s Away on Business.”

The premise of this movie somewhat reminds me of “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. I always thought the book was better, but the movie was pretty good too. And extraordinarily sad, for the most part.