What was this spring shoe?

I was driving to work yesterday and saw a gaggle of people standing on a corner waiting for the cross sign. They were wearing the strangest shoes.

The shoes seemed to be the same plastic boots used for, say, Rollerblades, but instead of wheels, they had these two opposing leaf-springs on their feet. I am quite sure the purpose of these shoes is to allow the wearer to run faster and jump higher, but the people were just standing there, so I didn’t get a demonstration.

I have made a life-like recreation of these shoes.

Can anyone tell me what these are called, where I can get a pair, and are they difficult to use? are they as fun as they looked?



They’re called KangarooShoes.

Here is a link; http://www.realizewellness.net/enid_kangaroo.html

I got a pair for one of my daughters and has a great time in them, and – as yet – hasn’t hurt herself on them in anyway.

yup, sengle that’s them!

I knew my beautiful artwork would help someone tell me what they were called.

And before I posted, I did google “Kangaroo shoes” but I kept geting that brand of sports shoes. I actually had a pair of those as a young child in the '80s.

Anyway, thanks for the link! Hmm, I bet my 7-going-on-8 year old step-daughter would love a pair for christmas.


Thanks again!