What Was Your Favorite Cheech and Chong Movie?

Well? Also what was your favorite part? I think those two were sooo funny. I wish they wouldn’t of broke up. Together they were so much more funny than they are on their own.

Anyway I think "Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie was my favorite. I just cracked up with Red and Pee Wee Herman at the hotel.

I also liked when they were carrying the garbage can(with pieces of trash in it)with gas full to the brim and they were spilling all over each other.

Well what about ya’ll?

That one where they do the drugs.

“Nice Dreams.”

Chong takes Pee Wee Herman’s check drawn on “The Peoples Bank of Dumbshit” and has to track him back to the asylum, “The Casa De Wackos.” While there, Cheech gets chained in a padded cell and keeps asking for the key. Timothy Leary arrives and asks him “Do you really want the key?” “Hell, yeah, man!” “OK, open your mouth. Here’s the key…TO THE UNIVERSE!” Gives him a drop of acid.

Just thinking of taking the POWER A while chained to a wall sends shivers up my spine.

The scene in Next Movie when Cheech is demoing a song for Chong called “Mexican Americans”, and Chong says while Cheech was playing his demo, he wrote a song in a similar vein, and starts belting out “Beaners!”

“Beaners…gonna kick you in the head!!!”

I agree.

Another thing:
This was something I was going to post in the Pit but since you brought it up…

I was wathching this movie on cable the other night and it was the “censored” version. When chong opened up the duffle bag it was filled with diamonds! :confused:

Also, they kept refering to a Cheech and Chong teen center. :confused: :confused:

I turned it off in disgust. Total sacrilege!!!

Nice Dreams, all the parts with Pee Wee, and the iguana weed of course. The Corsican Brothers was damn funny too!