Best Cheech and Chong movie?

My fiancee has never seen a Cheech and Chong movie and she would like to watch one finally. It has been a while since I’ve seen them, and while I remember getting a real kick out of one or two of them, I found some of them to be somewhat boring.

Since we’ll probably only watch one together, which is the best of the bunch?

Back in the day I would have argued to the death that the first 2 were among the funniest movies ever made. I doubt I would still have the same opinion. But even then I thought the 3d one sucked.

If you’re only going to watch one, go with either of the first two. Although I liked “Things Are Tough All Over.” And “Nice Dreams” had some memorable moments, such as Cheech with a straitjacket on while having an itchy crotch. And Michael Winslow popping up doing a wild Hendrix imitation.

Up In Smoke, without question.
Dave’s not here, man.

Up in Smoke is pretty cool. The rest are unwatchable.

There is a way to make them very watchable, hints are in the movies.

The generic answer from people who haven’t seen any of them is “everything that isn’t Up In Smoke sucks and is offensive”. I haven’t seen any of them.

“Up in Smoke.” After that, try the rest but be prepared for quite a bit of dead time interspersed with really funny shit. Does really help if you’re a bit loaded…

Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke

Did I mention Up in Smoke?

There ARE no other Cheech and Chong movies.

There’s always Martin Scorsese’s After Hours (1985), in which they play the burglars.

No love for Still Smokin’. I still laugh my ass off at the, The Harder They Come scene.

SSG Schwartz

The one where they get high.

I’ve never smoked pot in my life, but I saw “Up in Smoke” when I was 17 and laughed hysterically.

The second movie was funny until the midway point. After that, none of their movies did much for me.

So, try “Up In Smoke.” But I haven’t seen it in 30 years, and can’t vouch I’d still find it funny. I’m afraid I haven’t been a 17 year old boy in a while!

Up In Smoke, hands down. One of the funniest movies ever made.

But for an alternate, I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and list a movie I’ve always loved but never met anyone else who even liked it: The Corsican Brothers. I haven’t seen it in over 15 years so I don’t know if it would hold up, but it used to leave me in stitches.

Up in Smoke

If you’re into punk rock history, the band playing at the battle of the bands was the Dils from San Francisco.

I thought The Corsican Brothers was hilarious too.

Nice Dreams. It’s got Stacy Keach as the narc who steals everyone’s weed and smokes it until he turns into a giant iguana! It’s got PeeWee Herman as the Hammmmburrrgerrrr Dude! It’s got a cameo by the one and only Dr. Timothy Leary, as himself! And it’s funnier than a bucket of monkeyshit laced with moonshine and strychnine!

“Purple haze, all thru my brains
what’s that Negro doing up on stage?
I’m acting funny and I don’t know why
Scuse me while I catch this fly.”

PS: **Up In Smoke **and C&C’s Next Movie are both gut busters too – I recommend that you make it a triple feature evening.

I agree with you, since you can see their stand-up routine in front of a crowd.

I liked Pee Wee as the hotel clerk in Next Movie too. “I thaink they were Iranians” is still good for a laugh.

I’m not sure if I’ve even seen all of them, but my vote would be for Next Movie more than Up in Smoke. The problem I think is that everyone has really good memories attached to Up in Smoke, memories that mainly concern their lives at the time more than the actual film itself!

For me Up in Smoke just retreads too many of the album bits, word for word without adding anything. And it just gets too, um, silly for me, i.e. the whole pot turning you into a lizard thing. Next Movie was just more polished. Like all their movies its just a series of sketches loosely tied together, but these were new sketches! And the whole opening bit where they’re stealing the gasoline with a garbage can, priceless!

BTW, I just saw C&C live at Radio City. Great show! Very minimalist, just them, two chairs, and a rear-projection backdrop!