Who here likes cheezy movies?

You know the type, so bad they’re good?

Personally I’m a huge fan. I generally have a few that I like to try from time to time. But the truth is that I still like some of them. Let me just add that I’ve recently become aware of how awesome Stephen Segal is. His movies are legendary.

I recently watched Out for Justice and me and my roommate nearly cried the whole way through. The kicker for me was easily in the first 8 minutes when Segal emerges from a car wearing a a sleeveless karate uniform and a beret, as a supposed “cop” coming to investigate the crime scene.

Then you have another type of movie which is the Schwartzenegger flick, which is usually a bit more adventurous but still ridiculous. Obvious winners are Predator and Commando.

Really, any movie that is so bad it’s good can be enjoyed with the appropriate company.

So anyone else with me here? What are your favorite, awful movies?

I’m not sure it qualifies as per the OP exactly, but I retain a fondness for Joe Versus the Volcano, which is unquestionably cheesy. The very rare, good kind of cheesy in my opinion.

Oh yes. Sometimes I am in the mood for cheese.

[li]Clueless is a favorite[/li][li]Fools Rush In - Salma Hayek is impossibly beautiful[/li][li]Striptease - cheesy movie I watch when I feel like beating myself up for not having Demi Moore’s perfect body[/li][li]Armageddon [/li][/ul]

I could probably go on and on

I love Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good.

It goes without saying that this includes the complete oeuvre of Mr. Edward D. Wood, Jnr and countless Kung Fu movies, many of which have interchangeable titles involving the words Dragon, Tiger, Fist, Death, Jade or Emperor. :smiley:

Steven Seagal movies are great for this sort of thing too- you can play a drinking game where you have to drink every time he mugs for the camera. You’ll be shitfaced by the end of the first reel. :wink:

Bollywood films are really cheesy too. It’s an insane amount of fun getting your friends around, muting the volume, and providing your own dialogue- and then unmuting the volume for the song & dance numbers. :smiley:

In fact, pretty much anything that’s been on the SBS “Late Night Cult Movie” slot is a guaranteed winner for me…

Last summer’s TransFormers turned me back into my grinning 10 year old self! I just sat there looking like a moron, with a stupid smile on my face, the whole movie.

I’ve seen it five times already and it’s the same every time.

For some reason, I just love that movie!

You gotta see it to believe it.

Uh, we’ve seen your pic. And I’ve seen STRIPTEASE. First, I question that DM’s body was all that perfect. Second, what was “outstanding” about her was also plastic. Third. an objective non-Doper panel of straight men & gay women would overwhelmingly vote for you.

For cheesy movies, I name MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD, starring Jeffrey Jones, Teri Garr & Jon Lovitz, along with Eric Idle & Kathy Ireland.

I so win.

In a world with The Trial of Billy Jack? Nuh uh.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Horribly cheesy, but great fun.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun or Xanadu. Love them!

Point Break. Some good songs, lots of fun and a very cute Lori Petty.

OK, I’ll play.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Reflections in a Golden Eye.

Marlon Brando as a (not-very) repressed homosexual Army officer.
Robert Forster as the object of his (not-very) repressed affections.
Elizabeth Taylor as his slutty wife.
Brian Keith (yes, “Uncle Bill”) and Julie Harris as the couple next door, an officer and his insane wife. How insane? She once cut off her nipples with a pair of garden shears!

If you like major-studio cheesy movies, you must see this. It’s the standard by which all others are measured!

The new Indiana Jones movie.

Does Earth Girls Are Easy count?

I’m generally a fan of awful films that feature breasts, beasts and kung-Fu, although it’s hard to get the trifecta these days. *Alien V Predator *is excellent, although the sequel is un-entertaining garbage. It’s a fine line making these type of films I guess. Resident Evil was pretty good.

I just saw *The Dukes of Hazzard *on a long flight last night, thought it was spot on. Although I didn’t fancy Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie whatsoever, horrible casting. He sounded good singing the theme song, mind.

I like cheezy movies. A lot.

Cobra is a favorite. It’s hard for me to narrow the list. Do TV movies count? If so, I’m gonna throw Buried Alive and it’s equally cheddarific sequel, Buried Alive II out there for consideration.

Yes, because that’s what I came here to say. :slight_smile:

Yup. The one I’m actually ashamed of liking is Undercover Brother. It’s SO bad, but I still watch it whenever I flip past it.

Anybody else like the Super Mario Bros movie?

I’d like to nominate Kung Pow: Enter the Fist and Grandma’s Boy.

I have the DVD of The Neptune Diasaster. A Canadian mini-sub, with an American in command of course, along with Ernest Borgnine is attacked by goldfish. Halifax, Halifax, this is Triton. Dispatching Navy submarine Onondaga to render assistance!