what website for last minute air travel?

I need to go to a funeral…last minute plans…

What would you do?



Lillith Fair— Speaking as a certified cheapskate (who flies often) do yourself a favor and give Priceline a shot…

If you have not used it before, there are a few tips I will be happy to share, but for last min. flights (and hotel) it can be a HUGE money saver!!!
Good Luck, Matthew

Do you have to bid on the amount?

Try thiswebsite (log in as guest). It’s a pretty good aggregate.


I think that tickets for some of the airlines (Southwest, JetBlue, etc) are not available on these services. So I’d check their websites directly.

Yes, try the airline sites, and don’t be afraid to call the airline. We had a last minute funeral to attend a few years back. We planned to use Southwest Airlines so I went to their site. I almost booked online and decided to call the airline. They were so gracious. While I ultimately booked online, their phone assistance did not add any cost to the tickets. In fact, they made sure space was available so I could purchase tickets and IIRC, the fare I got was lower than the web advertised price.