What/who should we be thankful for, even in 2020?

First, we should all be thankful for the essential workers in this pandemic. Not just doctors and nurses and EMTs, but police, firefighters, grocery workers, food delivery workers, infrastructure repair workers and many others.

What/who else should we be thankful for?

I am now, and shall always be, thankful for toilet paper.

*Until I can get my hands on a bidet. Eh, I’ll probably still need to dry.

Biden won.
There’s vaccines for Covid-19 on the way.

And all the researchers and scientists who have worked ridiculously hard to create these vaccines in such a short amount of time and the people who have been willing to test them out.

Personally, I want to thank all the out front employer IT people, who have had to deal with the Gertrudes and Maurices trying to figure out to work from home, when they barely know how to turn on their computers in the first place. Y’all are rock stars.

I’m thankful that I can be stuck inside this house with my wonderful husband forever. Only have to go out for necessities.

And for that I’m thankful for the electorate. People convincing other people about the importance of voting. People who offered rides to the polls. People who, despite the pandemic, stood in line to vote.

That Aaron van Langevelde has at least a smidgen of patriotism and honesty.

Netflix and other streaming services. We would have burned this civilization to the ground if not for the sweet, sweet soma of infinite stay-at-home diversions.

I’m thankful for my baby, who came the day before my state locked down. He and my husband have been the bright spots in an otherwise gloomy year.

I’m very happy that I can still walk 3 miles a day without too much discomfort.

I’m thankful that I have shelter and food and the internet.

Heh, I had to think about this sentence, wondering exactly how your state could lockdown your birth canal. :lock:

The pro-lifers would basically lock it for nine months.

I know that 2020 has been hard; its been very hard for my family as well. Still, I am Very proud of the fact that we did come together as a people to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That wasn’t easy, not by a long shot… and the day when the election was first called brought forth more singing and dancing in the streets than from when I was a toddler and man landed on the moon. Oddly enough, for the 21st century… this year may stand out as our most “1969” year so far.

Was thinking the same thing. And I can safely say my uterus has been locked down for hereonafter. By me.

Also thankful for one and done!

The fact that I’ve lived to be ancient, without anything (or anyone) killing me.

The fact that, after cancer surgery at the end of last year, I am still clear at close to 12 months on. In fact, I wrote a post about this (on Jan 7, 2020) which concluded:

Happy New Year.
No, really – Happy New Year.

OK, of course, on a personal level, I am very thankful. But in a more general sense - what’s the opposite of prescient?


My stocks and investments all did great so I dont know if I should thank Trump or my investment advisor. I am more thankful for my friends and neighbors in the healthcare fields.