What will get you in the end?

I recently received this via e-mail - thought I’d share it with my friends here:

Excuse me while I dig out my Spanish book from high school…


Have any tests been run on Japanese-Americans, French-Americans or Italian-Americans? I imagine these tests should also be restricted to those who have learned to speak English. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah! I fooled them! I speak Chinese!

(And a little French, too, just to be safe :wink: )

It’s those damned REPUBLICANS, foulin’ up the place…

Drain Bead with a strap-on.
Long time dopers will cringe

Getting Beatles songs stuck in my head whenever I read thread titles will get me in the end.

Seriously, though, I’m going to die laughing. Whenever I know I’m in SERIOUS, IMMEDIATE DANGER, I guffaw nervously. Yes, that’s-right-you-heard-right, not a chuckle, more of a guffaw.

That wasn’t Drain Bead, it was her predecessor, and anyway don’t be dredging up painful memories like that - I’m sure the guy would like to forget the whole thing.

Oh, and I figure one of three things will get me in the end:
[ul][li]Diabetes (not yet, but it’s inevitable)[/li][li]Depression from having to give up everything I like to eat because of diabetes[/li]Blowing a blood vessel from reading yet another Pit thread that apparently was written by a functional illiterate.[/ul]