What Will Happen in 2012?

My two cents; nothing

Whatsit Jr. turns 10!

No, my daughter does!

Hmmm, now I know what she’s up to for 6 hours of the day, she says she’s going to school, but I think she’s going over to your place and posing as your son!

We’ll elect a President. Or re-elect one, I hope.

2012 will be just another example of Baby Jaysus triumphing over heathens – we probably won’t even be aware his – praise be his name – victory.

There will be a presidential election.

The summer Olympics will be held in London.

The U.S. Thanksgiving will be November 22.

Disney/Pixar will release Cars 2.

The Galactic Suite Space Resortwill open.

Texas will play Wyoming in football.

Something truly dreadful and horrific – my high-school reunion. I’d say which one but it would probably cause me to sob on my keyboard.

An annular solar eclipse will be visible on the Pacific rim in the spring, and a total eclipse will be visible from parts of Australia and the south Pacific in the fall.
The summer Olympics will take place in London.
U.S. President Barack Obama (as opposed to the other Barack Obamas) will run for re-election.

ETA: Perhaps I will learn to type faster. At least I was first with the eclipses (and my high-school reunion).

Mayans are going to come back from the dead or wherever they are.
I will be having a birthday.
The 49ers will be doing a lot better than they are this year.

I am still undecided as to whether the Mayans are going to be friendly or act like assholes. Annoying assholes who call you on your cellphone at all times of the night.

All this alarmist crap about 2012 is such utter nonsense. Everyone knows we will all have been sucked into a black hole generated by the Large Hadron Collider before then.

2012 is going to be BAD I promise you.

  1. Countless innocent children are going to drop dead from preventable diseases world-wide. A few might even get kidnapped by bad people.

  2. Some celebrities are going to drop dead through unexpected tragedy shocking the general public.

  3. There will be water shortages in some major cities that will have to be addressed right away.

  4. A number of wars and conflicts are going to break out all over the world.

  5. Morality is going to be thrown out the window. Political leaders and maybe even people you know personally will become caught up of acts of selfishness and hedonism.

I am not liking the way this is shaping up so far…not one bit.

And all those things have been happening since long ago. One of the worst excuses of 2012ists (as I call them) is that since 9-11 happened or Katrina happened or the stock market is falling the end is near despite the fact that such similar events have been happening since the beginning of modern times.

Are you SHITTING ME?!? :eek:

You’re going to take a walk in the rain and you’re going to get wet.

I will have a 12yo, which means I’ll be starting in on parenting a teenager. That’s enough for me.

Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee (60 yrs on the throne). She’ll also probally do another tour the Commonwealth countries where she’s still Queen.

I will turn 60. You may start shopping for presents now, if you wish.

Obama/Clinton wins 357 electoral votes


The alien invasion begins on December 22nd, 2012.

100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

And I turn 25.