What will happen in the next 10 weeks?

It’s complicated. A bit off-topic for this thread, but here’s the state of affairs as I understand it, in brief:

  • It’s long established that being acquitted for a crime in Federal court does not protect you from prosecution for the same crime in State court, and vice-versa, on the grounds that the Federal government and state governments are separate sovereigns.
  • Some states, wishing to strengthen double jeopardy protections, passed their own laws to the effect that acquittal of a crime in Federal court protects against double jeopardy in their state courts. (The converse does not apply. The states cannot dictate to the Federal courts that acquittal in a state court protects against double jeopardy in Federal court.)
  • A presidential pardon is thought[by who?] to be equivalent to a Federal acquittal for double jeopardy purposes (but I’m not sure if this has ever been tested).
  • Thus, in states that have passed the law described here, a Federal pardon is thought to protect against double jeopardy in a state court.
  • Some states, having passed the law described here, and seeing that as unfair, at least when a President or his family is involved, have passed some kind of law exempting the President and his family (or other close associates?) from protection from double jeopardy in case of a Federal pardon. (Got all that?)
  • New York quickly passed such a law fairly recently, just for Trump.
  • So Trump could pardon himself all the way to heaven, but he might still be liable in New York state courts for the same crimes.
  • All the above is as best I recall the complicated sequence of details.
  • I don’t think any of the above has been tested in any court, so who knows anyway?

I don’t think that’s what OAT stands for, but you’re close

Tom Clancy screwed that one up. He also apparently believed that an American Presidential pardon was valid in foreign courts.

Tome was really phoning it in towards the end.

How is Goya doing? We’ve avoided buying Goya products (not easy), but maybe we’re outliers.

He’ll start the OAT network and pretend that antertainment is a real word.

Oops. My kid did say “OET”. My fat thumbs. :slight_smile:

This is great:

Love it.

But wait! There’s more! (just gets better and better…see video at the Twitter link below)

Nice. Keep ‘em coming, hypocritical assholes.

The taste of victory has become more and more like bitter ash in my mouth because not one of these fucking hypocrites has demonstrated the barest capacity for shame or self-awareness.

These fuckers are just so good at perpetuating fear and uncertainty.

I KNOW their claims of fraud and challenges are bullshit, and in any reasonably sane world would be quickly dismissed, but…

I feel like the movies w/ vampires or axe murderers - NO! you cannot presume that he’s dead. Empty your firearm, drive a stake through his heart, and burn the corpse!

I HATE the environment of fear and acceptance of police state/abandonment of civil liberties fostered under W. And I HATE the uncertainty fostered under Trump, where you cannot presume rationality in ANY context involving any degree of human intervention.

I was actually going for the “A” standing for what it usually stands for when the subject is Trump. You know, the orifice he talks out of.

I kind of hope it doesn’t. A Trumpist movement would steal a hell of a lot of votes from the GOP, meaning the Democrats can finally get ahead in Congress.

Meanwhile, these Trumpistas will be donating all their money to Trump, and not the GOP. It’s a dead certainly that Trump will siphon off a lot of that money for his personal uses, so it won’t be there to buy political ads. That hurts the Trump Party and the GOP.

As annoying as it would be to have Trump still somewhat relevant to the public discourse, splitting both the vote and the money between Trump and the GOP will be a huge win for everyone sane.

Are you quite sure about that? The GOP has shown a remarkable ability to shape shift from Reagan conservative, W Republican, to Tea Party Libertarian, to MAGAcult. They are the political equivalent of tofu. Willing to take on whatever flavor profile is next.

President Trump is still president (POTUS) weather you like it or not even after the Electoral College report is complete to the Governor in each state by the reporting date of December14th 2020

I don’t see a mass rebellon of Electoral College votes in the Red states causing a problem, but if the SC should get involved in the problems of voter fraud they could make a difference in referring the choice to the House/Senate of which each state has one vote each. It’s not over yet and in case you didn’t know it there are more Red states than blue states that would have one vote each.

I predict that Trump will either stand down and turn the WH over to VP Pence or he will win the House/Senate vote and then do the same thing turn the WH over to VP Mike Pence all nice and legal like too … Forget why he would do this and realize that it is still possible until January 20th he is the POTUS. I was worried about Obama in his last six (6) months in office on what he might do wrong.

The Lord said to me very plainly that “He was still God when Nixon was President”

Well…the arc has always been towards more conservative and more crazy. So, it is not random jumping around but has a direction.

It’s hard to think of it getting worse than Trump but then I thought the same after Dubya/Tea Party so I need to not jinx it again.

I don’t think anyone here is disputing that Trump is President until January 20th, 2021.

If the Republicans manage to push through some sort of legal maneuver to delay the inauguration of President-Elect Biden, then Nancy Pelosi is next in line. It’s not like Trump gets to stay, no matter what he thinks.

The SC is not going to get involved in issues of bogus “voter fraud” ( do you think they’ll be swayed by Rudy’s press conference at a “major hotel”? )but if they did, why do you think that “treating the election as if it were an EC tie vote” is going to be the answer, which is what you are suggesting might happen.

I’m intrigued by the last line in your post. Do you think that God has a favorite in this election? Do you think that favorite is Trump? If you do, how do you explain the almost comical run of bad karma, divine retribution, bad luck, whatever you call it, that’s plagued Trump since early 2020, including an actual plague?

If I were religious and looking for signs from God, I don’t think there’s anything that I could point to that would make me think “God wants Trump to win”. Including the fact that he lost. And the plague thing.

I can only speculate that evangelicals like @Forever77 believe that god sent the plague as a test. My question to Forever77 is: Did Trump pass or fail the test?

I think Forever77 is saying that God is still looking after us even when we do bad things like elect Trump president.