What will happen in the next 10 weeks?

Yes of course that’s what God was saying … “Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself”
If you read the History of the church … reading about just England alone you can see how patient the Lord is with what man thinks.

Unfortunately, “God looking after us” looks exactly like “God not looking after us”.

So patient that it’s almost like he doesn’t even exist.

That would be the Trumpist movement “failing”, I think.

I suspect that if Trump does try to form his own movement, it will be 50% about trying to actually get back into power, and 50% about grifting his followers for more money (check out the fine print on his fundraising for “the recount”, which sifts the bulk of that money into paying down his own campaign debts). And a big part of his complaints will be about how the GOP “let him down”, “lost an election we should have won easily!”, and “capitulated to the Democrat fraud!” He won’t want to share the money with anyone else, so demonizing the mainstream GOP will be a big part of his shtick.

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What will happen in the next ten weeks is the same thing as what happened in the previous few years-A lot of people saying “Holy crap! I didn’t expect him to do that!

That’s probably about right. Though I personally am hoping he is struck by a bout of depression, retires to one of his golf courses, and spends the rest of his term in seclusion. If he says nothing at all in that time, sends no tweets and gives no interviews, it’ll be the high point of his administration.

You can’t stop me from dreaming.

At this point in history, it would take a bottle of Craigellachie 19 to have a dream that nice.

The “movement” is what’s important, not the individual carrying its flag. I would submit that the modern GOP’s alt-right turn began with the selection of Sarah Palin - that’s when the party ostensibly lurched into the direction of embracing anti-intellectualism and conspiracy theories spread on social media. Not long afterward we then witnessed the rise of the “tea party,” Andrew Breitbart, and Alex Jones, and a certain attention whoring (fake) billionaire using a new social media platform to push anti-establishment conspiracy theories of his own. The tea party is more or less gone, Sarah Palin more or less retired, and Donald Trump will eventually flame out himself. But the rebellion against expertise and intellectual elitism, as well as wars between different groups and classes of elites, is going to continue, andit will continue to play out in our politics, absolutely.

I think there is a good chance he pulls a Ken Lay, a Joe Paterno, a Bear Bryant… with his life in tatters, no future to look forward to, he could very well stroke out. Have a heart attack. Just… die.

For driven men like the above, once you remove their purpose and show there is no chance of regaining it, they don’t know what to do and their bodies just give up. Hell, I saw this with my grandfather- once he moved into the retirement home, taking away his purpose, with nothing to do, he was dead within a year.

I would put money down that Trump’s not alive a year from now. Not a lot… I’m not a gambler… but this option is under-discussed for its relative likelihood, so the odds are probably in my favor. :wink:

Unfortunately, I can easily imagine somebody worst than Trump. I’m worried about the Republican candidate who has Trump’s immorality but doesn’t have Trump’s laziness, ignorance, and personality. Imagine somebody like Trump but with the ability to make plans and get things done. Picture Dick Cheney’s brain in Tom Selleck’s body.

Technically I think you’re right, but this is just quibbling over semantics. To behave like a conman when you’re in public office is essentially a corrupt thing to do. Trump’s motives all along–as a public servant–have been corrupt. That is, they’ve been purely to enrich himself or to self-aggrandize. One can be morally and ethically corrupt without technically being in legal jeopardy. I agree that this is what Trump has been doing–not just in office, but his whole life. Occasionally he missteps, though.

It will indeed be difficult to charge Trump, and if he slips out of it, it will just make things worse. Still, he has made it clear that technically one can become president and simply exploit the position as one giant con game, so now any subsequent occupant of the Whitehouse is emboldened, There must be consequences for this, or it will only get worse when someone more competent gets in.

That indeed is when the candidates started to blatantly reflect this turn behaviorally, but the groundwork began before Palin, when the party realized that it needed a new kind of propaganda if it would survive the changing demographics of the nation. That propaganda mechanism first become manifest in the form of talk radio, when Rush Limbaugh learned that white male grievance could both make him rich and make the Republican party his butt-licker. Limbaugh was the first propaganda troll, and then Newt Gingrich became the first prominent propaganda troll to hold elected office. Palin was the first prominent office holder to drop all pretense and just openly become a constant propaganda performance.

Those who had ‘Trump accuses Ga Governor Brian Kemp of conspiring with Stacey Abrams in stealing the election’ on their bingo cards can now mark that off:

Now you’re just toying with our emotions.

He’s turned on the veritable home state of voter suppression. Strange times. Do Trump voters not see how incredibly weird this all is?

Death is always a real possibility for 76 year old men undergoing financial, reputational, and/or legal stress.

Heck, I’d be happy for him to drop dead, tho I’d prefer that fate for Mitch, and to have Trump spend years of increasing frustration, legal and financial woes, and mockery.

But I don’t see Trump as especially driven. He’s a lazy narcissist, who has been able to bribe others to do his heavy lifting/dirty work. I suspect he’ll live several more years, continuing pretty much as he has for some time, but hopefully w/ a smaller audience.

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I fear it would just turn the GOP into the extreme trump/QAnon party, just like the tea party did. You’d end up with every election at every level being between a Democrat and a QAnon wingnut. And tens of millions will look at that choice and pick trumpism.