What will happen in the next 10 weeks?

Whoops, didn’t see the latest mod update. My post was for what I think will happen in the GOP going forward for an indeterminate time, but for the next 10 weeks a lot of miserable ongoing lawsuits. It’s going to be more of trump time ™ - making each day seem to last a year.

Well, whatever it is, he can leave his hat on.

Tom Selleck is WAAAAAY better looking than Trump. Please don’t insult Tom Selleck.

Well, yes, that’s the point I was making. This theoretical candidate would be different than Trump.

That’s too funny!

I can’t imagine it being very entertaining for most people, however.

You’d get along with my son. A week ago his fourth-grade teacher, upon seeing the kids unusually cheerful on Zoom, burst into song — “Shiny Happy People…”. My son said, “Hey, that’s R.E.M.!” The teacher was surprised anyone had heard of the band.

I was in college and worked at a hotel banquet facility in the early 1990s. For about a year and a half after that song hit the charts, if we were still there at 10:15 on a weekday evening, someone would inevitably start singing that. What was really weird about it was that I don’t recall it ever being done by the same person twice.

:slight_smile: Good times

One thing I expected was that Trump would drop the ball again about the pandemic.

Underlining one criticism against Trump is the lack of setting good examples about mask use, social distancing or repeating information to his followers about how dangerous Covid is. Extremely negligent in the end.

As a bit of an aside, many do know that fact checkers reported that Trump did not call Covid a hoax, what Trump claimed was that what the democrats were saying about Trump’s efforts against Covid was the hoax.

What confuses me a lot is that many conservatives and Republican rank and file still come out believing that Covid is the hoax, how does that continues to pop up among conservatives that get sick with the disease if Trump clarified that Covid was not a hoax? (warning, gut punch to the soul in that link, where a health worker has to deal with people dying of Covid while they demand loudly that they should not be dying of a “fake” disease)


I think he’ll spend the last 10 (now 9) weeks doing exactly what he has been doing- nothing. Wake up. Tweet. Play golf. Tweet. Eat. Tweet. He’ll deny losing even after the states certify the results, he’ll deny losing even after the electors meet, he’ll deny losing even after Congress records the results and announces Biden the winner, he’ll deny losing even after Biden is sworn in. Stimulus? Forget about it. The dude has totally flipped out and checked out. We just better hope no adversary tries anything because for the next 9+ weeks the nation has no commander in chief.

That’s not all. He will prevent his toadies in the cabinet and below from any interaction with the transition team. The stupid head of the GSA will not allow Team Biden any office space or budget. The Covid panel Biden has built will not be allowed any information on what, if anything, the Trumpers are doing about it. He will do as much as possible to issue executive orders making it harder for Biden undo his damage. He is apparently about to award drilling leases for formally protected sites in Alaska that will be extremely hard to break.

We would all be better off if he just went down to Florida to sulk.

There is also a not zero probability that he will be “Epsteined” to prevent him from selling info in his head.

The good news is that he might be able to remember the color of the carpet in the oval office. Maybe. That’s about it.

Pale, orangey blond.


Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

I went looking for a thread like this and just now found it, so I don’t know if any of these have been covered-- I skimmed back only through the last couple days. Anyway, it would be nice if trump and his admin just went in a holding pattern until Jan. 20, but there’s been a flurry of fuckery in the past few days:

  • Now that the Pentagon purge of Esper and co. is complete, the trump admin is rushing to remove troops from Afganistan and Iraq (my understanding is that Esper was removed in part because he refused to remove troops too hurriedly because it could destabilize things and endanger our national security interests in those regions).
    CNN article

  • A rushed last-minute selloff for oil and gas drilling sites off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
    CNN Article

  • Appointment of flaky trump acolyte Judy Shelton for the Federal Reserve board of governors has proven too extreme even for the conservative National Review.
    National Review Article

Add to that aggressively ignoring the pandemic, not giving any access to the Biden transition team, and whatever new fuckery ensues, and the next couple months are going to be a bumpy ride.

I’m scratching my head over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge thing. I’m not confused over whether Trump would do such a thing this late in the game; I know it’s from pure spite. But, knowing we’re two months away from a Biden presidency, wherein it’s almost certain that this will be reversed, why would any company submit any bids/make any purchases? They couldn’t even begin to exploit the lands before that rug is ripped out from under them, so…?

They’ll be stopped immediately by lawsuits and everything else. So it would be weird for a company to bother.

Trump is not doing this to benefit business-he is doing this to increase his fan base. Increasing his fan base is his only goal for the next few weeks, so you can forget about any cooperation/transition that isn’t taken by force. It has been shown that he can lie, cheat and steal without any real consequence(public admonitions are only publicity as far as he is concerned), and we are way past the point of believing that Republicans only tolerate his crap because they are weak-willed.