What will happen to Saddam?

Reading the news items about Saddam’s statement that he will be sentenced to death but never executed as the U.S. will ultimately reinstate him (cite) renewed my wondering “What will happen to Saddam?” While I really don’t believe he’ll “get his old job back” (though I’m sure that as was the case with Nazi civilian officials after WW2 many of his cronies will as they already know how to run the power plants and streetcars and new folks don’t) I can’t see how he could be executed or how he could be left alive.

If executed, regardless of the technicalities of who’s on the tribunal and who passes the decision, etc., the entire world will say “The U.S. beheaded a leader it didn’t like” and though the greatest hatred of Saddam came from the Islamic world he’ll be, like Lincoln and Kennedy, far more popular dead than he ever was alive. OTOH, if he’s left alive and in a cell somewhere he’ll always be dangerous as a totem for his former regime to rally around. (If I were a corrupt unprincipled agent I think I might see if I might “pray” for him to have a fatal heart attack in his cell before he’s ever sentenced.)

What do you think will become of him?

I think the whole damn trial is a farce. How many defense lawyers have been murdered without a mistrial now?

The outcome is as booked as any pro wrestling match you’ll ever see. He’ll be found guilty, sentenced to death, and executed unless he finds a way to off himself first. Can’t say I’ll miss him, but the way this “trial” has been conducted is offensive to my notions of justice.

Gotta agree. No matter how much the US might quietly try to discourage the death senetence (for the reasons the OP mentions), there are too many Kurds and Shias who want his blood (and not a few outside Iraq, as well) for anything but a capital sentence now.

What will happen to Saddam?

He’ll be gunned down in a staged “jailbreak attempt” when Bush’s approval numbers drop below 25%. :wink:

I figure that they will eventually get around to posing him for gunfire. I can’t see them either letting him go OR keeping him indefinitely in a cage (much as the later would be the best thing IMHO). Nope…while the Iraqi’s may not love us much these days (if they ever did), the majority of them don’t love Saddam either…and probably dislike him even more than us. Eventually it will be curtains for ole Saddam…


This whole trial is a farce. Saddam shouldn’t have been tried at all - he should have been shipped off to exile, the traditional fate of deposed tyrants. You send him off to some small, neutral country, let him wallow in self pity for a few years, and if he start making noises about a triumphant return you send a couple of guys around to introduce him to Mister Icepick. That’s the way it’s always been done. I don’t know why you Americans have to go around changing things.

Yeah, those darn Iraqi judges always gunning down those pesky defense lawyers.

All in favor of the motion – SAY DIE!!! :dubious:

I don’t think this trial, as an exercise in Justice and Democracy, is going all that well for any concerned. The lack of security for his defense team is indeed highly troubling, and it does seem that “fair representation” might be rather lacking from a group of attorneys who appear to be working one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth.

It probably would have been smarter, in retrospect, to have put a slug in the back of his head the minute they found him.

Why is this trial a farce, because the Iraqi Government and Americans are holding it?

I don’t think its that (though I won’t speak for my more rabid brethren on this board). Have you been following the trial? Its been a bit comical…if you take away all the deaths that is.


No, it’s because, for instance, Saddam often turns it into a complete circus with his outbursts. And, as another good example, because members of his defense team keep getting assassinated. How is someone supposed to be well-represented when one of his lawyers gets bumped off every couple of months? One would think that their security would be of the absolute highest priority, but clearly it isn’t. Either that, or the US and Coalition forces are incapable of protecting them.

Wasn’t Herman Goering as outspoken in his defence?

It wasn’t quite as much of a circus…not by any stretch.


Also, the first judge resigned, stating that he was under undue pressure from the authorities. I remember in particular he was criticized for letting Saddam speak too much.

But the Iraqis want him to be tried in their own country, and why if his attorneys have been killed? If they either;

A) Refuse protection from security forces

B) Refuse to adequately protect themselves

How is this the fault of the Iraqi or coalition authorities?


Khalil Dulaimi
Iraqi lawyer, lead counsel
Abdul Haq al-Ani
UK-based advisor
Des Doherty
Northern Ireland-based solicitor
Anthony Scrivener QC
UK human rights barrister


Still plenty of defence left.

Saddam’s lawyers have been quite vocal in demanding better security for some time. Sure, if they had refused protection, it might be more their responsibility than anyone else’s, but they most certainly haven’t, so why bother considering that absurd alternative?

Also, given the nature of the trial, it’s hardly odd that a large legal team is desirable, or even required. It’s a bit callous, don’t you think, to provide a list of several individuals, and claim Saddam is getting adequate protection because there are plenty left to kill off before he runs out?

sorry, “adequate representation”…

sorry if you see this as a hijack, but I think that’s the answer. It appears to me that Iraq is descending into the state of civil war that was predicted before the US invaded 3 years ago.

I have to wonder, given the unwillingness or inability of the US to protect those conducting the trial unless they are ensconced in the Green Zone, would the US be as blasé if a mistrial were declared and Saddam acquitted?

IIRC, Herman wasn’t even close. He tried to whine and reason with the Tribunal. Backstage he was telling the other people that, MOL, “We should tell them all to kiss off…” but, it didn’t happen. I wonder the outcome had they done so.