What will the Dopers be watching this fall (Mondays)?

Ok, Doper Couch Potatoes!

The Fall Network schedules have been announced.

Sure, it might seem early, with Season Finales still to come, but Fox has announced they are dividing their television year into three hunks, the first of which begins next month

So it’s time to imagine yourself strapped into a comfortable easy chair (snacks and beverages available upon demand of course)
with a remote that only controls channel selection, sometime this September.
What would you watch out of these Monday night offerings?
(I’m not including HBO and other cable series, because depending on what’s available on your system, they’re either competing with these shows or not. Feel free to weigh in)
[li]The Benefactor (ABC)[/li][li]Still Standing / Listen Up (CBS)[/li][li]North Shore (Fox; Premieres in June)[/li][li]Fear Factor (NBC)[/li][li]One On One / Half and Half (UPN)[/li][li]7th Heaven (WB)[/li][/ul]

My choice: Channel surf 'til 8:30, then check out Listen Up, with Jason Alexander and Malcolm Jamal-Warner. I’m not too hopeful, but they are the only potentially bright light in a dismal hour.
[li]Monday Night Football (ABC)[/li][li]Everybody Loves Raymond / Two and a Half Men (CBS)[/li][li]The Casino (Fox; Premieres in June; Replaced in October by The Swan 2 )[/li][li]Las Vegas (NBC)[/li][li]Girlfriends / Second Time Around (UPN)[/li][li]Everwood[/li][/ul]

My choice: Gah! Nothin’ on! My wife and I enjoyed the episode of Two and a Half Men that showed on a recent plane trip, so maybe channel surf 'til then.
10:00 - 11:00
[li]Monday Night Football (ABC)[/li][li]CSI: Miami (CBS)[/li][li]LAX (NBC)[/li][/ul]

My choice: I guess just writhe in agony or watch local news on Fox. Wow, what a horrible night for television.

Fill in your choice, and I’ll see you tomorrow night!

I’ve been enjoying episodes of Touching Evil on USA, which is proving to be an excellent show. I think the relationship between Cyril and Creegan is fascinating, and tonight’s episode was superb.

West Coast scheduling here, so Monday nights will be:

Monday Night Football if it is a team I care about. (Unlikely, as I went all of last season without watching a single minute of a single game, including the Super Bowl)

Las Vegas A pretty good show, with lots of eye candy.

Local news, then off to bed.

Well, actually, I’ll be watching Raw is War. Call it a guilty pleasure, if you will.

Either that, or call it the fact that I can’t stand the idea of Charles Barkley announcing football games.

I’ll continue to avoid watching TV on Mondays.

Monday night football, and 24 when that finally starts in January.

I’m not usually home on Monday Nights - which doesn’t matter that much, because there’s more or less nothing on.

Still, Girlfriends doesn’t suck, and I got sucked into it (and I recognize the problems with this sentence. Anyway, I’ll probably watch that.

Not a good night for this couch potato

I’ll turn off the T V and listen to the Majority Report on Air America Radio.

I might check out The Casino, since I’m a sucker for poker on TV for some reason. Other than that, looks like a book night.

On Mondays I will watch shows I recorded earlier in the week on the Tivo, watch a movie, or do something else. I haven’t watched TV on Mondays since Boston Public moved to “Dead Friday” on Fox. Friday night on Fox is like a holding pen at a slaughterhouse. :smack:

Is it just me or is the fall TV lineup looking to be one of the weakest in years? Maybe I will play CSI roulette this fall…


History Channel
Comedy Central
Cartoon Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
TV Land

But never the Networks! :cool:

8:00 MNF countdown show on ESPN or nothing
9:00 MNF

Monster House!!

I’ve been watching Las Vegas, which is pleasantly entertaining, in a really mindless sort of way.

Honest to Og, though, I watch less and less TV with every passing year.

I’ve become addicted to the old 7th Heaven which shows before noon on Family Channel, so I’d probably catch the new eps on Monday night & eventually want to also see 2 1/2 Men (for some reason I haven’t seen an episode & I like John Cryer).

I haven’t watched network TV on Monday other than football for the past couple of years. In fact, it has become my default laundry night, since I can follow the football game on my walkman radio if need be.

That’ll change come January with 24…I’ll have to find a new laundry night…


My son has Cub Scouts on Mondays, so I won’t be getting home in time to watch anything at 8PM, but I will catch Monday Night Football at 9PM. Until January, when I will be watching 24 at 9PM.

Gott a agree with you there (collwo some of the links I provided back to the full schedules), which is what aroused my curiosity enough to try this thread in the first place.

I should have thrown in, I will forego any of these offerings to watch The Daily Show, which I get through DirecTV at 8:00 and 10:00 here on the West Coast.

I gotta say, these home renovation shows have really worn thin for me.

A reporter at the LA Times wrote about her experience having been invited to be on one of the more prominent ones (I forget which, the column was several months ago) and talking to other former “contestants”.

Apparently, they’ll just as soon draft PA flunkies as actual skilled workmen to nail everything up, and then light it and tape it so it looks good for TV. Then they leave you to live in their half-assed efforts.

Some people have had to spend thousands of dollars re-renovating their homes after one of these shows takes over.