What will the Dopers be watching this fall (Wednesdays)?

This thread follows the ones from Monday and Tuesday

So far, the network pickings for fall viewing have been what you call slim.

Let’s see what Wednesday has to offer to the inveterate couch potato. As usual, I leave out Cable, Satellite and PBS offerings due to the vagaries of availability, but feel free to chime in with your fave if you know when it will be on for you. (I’m a fan of Comedy Central, TNT, and LinkTV myself)

[li]Lost (ABC)[/li][li]60 Minutes II (CBS)[/li][li]That 70’s Show / Quintuplets (Fox; Both start up in June)[/li][li]Hawaii (NBC)[/li][li]America’s Next Top Model (UPN)[/li][li]Smallville (WB)[/li][/ul]

My choice: “60 Minutes II”. they’ve been breaking all the really amazing stories for the past year.

I never got into “Smallville”, couldn’t give a crap who “America’s Next Top Model” will be, and “That 70s Show” has peaked, IMO.

“Quintuplets” is Andy Richter with a lot of kids, “Lost” is Gilligan’s Island squared, and “Hawaii” will probably be a pretty island with a bad plot lousing up the view.

[li]The Bachelor (ABC)[/li][li]King of Queens / Center of the Universe (CBS)[/li][li]Simple Life 2 (June to October, then replaced by Bernie Mac)/ Method and Red (Fox) [/li][li]West Wing (NBC)[/li][li]Kevin Hill (UPN)[/li][li]Blue Collar TV /Drew Carey’s Green Screen (WB)[/li][/ul]

My choice: Believe it or not, my wife and I have gotten into local syndicated reruns of “The King of Queens”, so we’ll watch that, and pray that John Goodman can be good in another comedy (“Center of the Universe”), which will be worth checking out once just for the amazing cast they’ve put together (follow the link). My wife might want to flip over to “The Simple Life 2” on occasion.

“The Bachelor” is what it is (yawn), and sorry folks, but I’ve never been able watch more than about three minutes of “The West Wing”. Don’t know what people see in it.

“Kevin Hill” is another generic UPN show, “Blue Collar Comedy” is sketch/variety starring Jeff Foxworthy (down, stomach), and “Green Screen” is whatever has been brewing in Drew Carey’s fevered brain while twisting in the wind, filming a contract-fulfilling season of “The Drew Carey Show” destined never to air. I’m afraid, Mommy.
[li]Wife Swap (ABC)[/li][li]CSI: New York (CBS)[/li][li]Law & Order (NBC)[/li][/ul]

My choice: I have the first two seasons of “L&O” on DVD, and by god, they better start cranking out the Lenny Briscoe years good and quick. 'Nuff said. I can only hope we get the Dennis Farina from “Snatch” and not the one from “That Old Feeling”.

Wednesday only has one show I’m intersted in and that is West Wing.

Had to give it up for Angel but now that that is over I have some catching up to do.

Man, I’m starting to feel happy that I’m switching to afternoon shift.

I’ll probably stick with That 70s Show for now, although I think this should have been the last season.

King of Queens has its moments.

I’ll try the new John Goodman one. Maybe he’ll be better without Roseanne.

Ah, this seems, to the best day of the week so far in this series of threads (Monday and Tuesday).

8:00 - The 70s Show is a must, and I believe it will be the last season. Quintuplets sounds interesting, just to see Andy Richter in a new comedy. Hopefully Fox lets it be zany and gives it a shot.

Everything else at that hour? Meh. Hawaii may be interesting just for the scenery I guess ;).

9:00 - I’ve enjoyed the King of Queens on syndication, just like scotandrsn and I’ll be catching that. I also hope the new John Goodman show is good. It sounds kind of cookie cutter, but I hope Goodman and Asner can make it a hit.

If King of Queens is a repeat, I’ll DEFINETLY catch Blue Collar TV. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Otherwise, I may catch The West Wing every once in a while.

10:00 - South Park, on Comedy Central, for me. But if it is a repeat then I may glance over and see if CSI: New York is any good, but New York is so overdone.

“Lost” is supposed to be good. It’s from the guy who did “Alias”.

It’s hard to evaluate any of these yet, since all you’ve got is show descriptions and a lot of shows don’t live up to their descriptions.

Smallville. That’s about it.

Although I must admit that Lost looks pretty damned cool. I love that sort of thing.

If this reality TV trend (and the subsequent dearth of good programming) keeps up, I might end up saving a lot of money on my satellite bill… heck, I could sell my TV… Hey! Look! A silver lining!

But … but, I want my Wednesday schedule from this year! It was My Wife and Kids (7 or 7:30?), followed by The O.C. at 8 and Celebrity Mole at 9 (Central time). Now that’s what I want. Though I will admit I probably shouldn’t have admitted here to watching The O.C. or Celebrity Mole.
From the looks of the new schedule, I’ll be watching CSI: New York and that’s about it. Wife swap? WTF?

Gave up on West Wing ages ago, I’ll watch KoQ if I run into it but I’m by no means a regular. I’ll be taping Bernie and may give CSI:NY (because I like Gary Sinise) and Lost a try. Am I correct in reading that Merry from LOTR is on Lost?


Initially, I thought “Lost” was going to be a revival of a highly amusing reality show (teams of people were dropped in the least inhabited part of Mongolia with no money and absolutely no idea where they were) that disappeared after one or two episodes because of the terrorist attacks altering the broadcast content, shall we say, and referred to it this way in my post.

Then, what do you know, I read my own link, and found I was wrong.

10:00 L&O. And other than that, I guess I won’t be watching Wednesday TV. (Unless, of course, NBC sends out a press release saying “We got down on our knees and begged Sorokin to come back to the West Wing because our new writers sucked ass and we never realized how good we had it.” But they’re unlikely to do so.)
Also, the CSI:NY cast doesn’t look half as annoying as the CSI:Miami cast does - so perhaps that if L&O is in reruns.

If you follow the link, it’s a fairly lame reality show premise wrapped inside a provocative title.

I’ll give CSI a view or two to see if I like it. Otherwise, it’s only South Park for me.

Definitely Fox from 8 to 9. No more taping required now that Enterprise is moved to death row. Glad to see that Fox is giving Andy Richter another shot, and hopefully they give this show the opportunity to succeed that Arrested Development got (provided the show is as good as ARCtU was).

I continued to watch West Wing all through this year, but I doubt I’ll get through another year on its current course. Bernie Mac is erratic, but more up than down, so I have something to fall back on.

I love CSI:Original Flavor. I watched the debut episode of CSI:Miami and never tuned in again. Given that New York lacks David “I’m so so very intense” Caruso and hopefully the silver-plated H2’s I may end up watching New York.

UPN not showing a Star Trek show at 8pm? That’s going to be weird, and I’m not sure I’ll have the desire to follow Enterprise to Fridays (or is it Saturdays…whatever, I just know it’s a death slot). Is this the first time ever UPN hasn’t scheduled a Star Trek show in this time slot?

I’ll make it an all NBC night and give “Hawaii” a shot along with perennial faves “West Wing” and “L&O: The Original Kickbutt Version.” Hawaii does have a good locale going for it, and I’m informed that my friend’s beautiful daughter was used as an extra in an extended scene in the pilot episode, so I’ll watch just to get a glimpse of her, if nothing else. :smiley:

I confess I kinda liked the original “Mole”, but I don’t recall that I watched the end of it.

“Lost” is the only thing that look promising.

As I understand it, it will be like a scripted version of first season “Survivor” without challenges and eliminations.

Since they killed Angel, there’s nothing I’ve got my heart set on watching on Wednesdays. However, I’m going to give Quints a shot, since if Andy is in it, it’ll probably be amusing…but there was supposed to be a show this season about sextuplets or septuplets- also on FOX- and that didn’t even get the pilot aired since it did so horribly with focus groups so I’m not going to be very hopeful about how long this one will be around. I might try watching Lost too, if I remember in the fall.

For me, Andy Richter projects this scrappy underdog quality. I root for him, but frankly, I hated his last show. A lot. I doubt I’ll be tuning in.

Can not miss the Simple Life 2 for anything and also *Method and Red * will probably be good both will be showing on FOX.

… And Jean Smart and Diedrich Bader and Olympia Dukakis…

As far as acting, this show’s got a deep bench. Hopefully the writing is up to par.