What will the Dopers be watching this fall (Tuesdays)?

Hey, hey, TV Fans!

This is a follow-up to the Monday thread.

Fox has announced they are switching to some sort of trimester schedule, with three seasons, starting in June, October and January.

That means if we wait till the end of the summer to settle into our vegatative routines, we risk being left behind.

Imagine you were coerced to watch TV this coming fall. Which of these Tuesday offerings would you choose?

(Again, like last time, I did not include Cable/Satellite or PBS offerings, due to high variability between markets. On my DirecTV system, for example, I get the East Coast feed for most cable stations.)

[li]My Wife and Kids / George Lopez (ABC)[/li][li]NCIS (CBS)[/li][li]Bernie Mac / Method and Red (Fox; until October, when both are replaced by The Billionaire)[/li][li]Average Joe (no link) (NBC)[/li][li]All of Us / Eve (UPN)[/li][li]Gilmore Girls (WB)[/li][/ul]

My choice: We loved “Bernie Mac”'s first season, but hardly watched it at all this year. I’d be willing to give it a shot, followed by maybe “George Lopez”, at least until October, then I don’t know what we’ll do. Probably watch the premiere of “The Billionaire” until we realize Richard Branson is not a TV star. If we’ve been surfing over to “Average Joe” (my wife liked it last season), I guess we finish that out if it’s not over.

I’ve always thought Lauren Graham was a cutie, but I’ve never been able bring myself to watch “Gilmore Girls”. The rest of these shows might as well not be on, as far as I’m concerned, particularly “Method and Red” (aka: The Stale Prices of Bel Aire), which apparently repeats on this night.
[li]According to Jim / Rodney (ABC)[/li][li]The Clubhouse (CBS)[/li][li]The Jury (Fox; until October, then House)[/li][li]Father of the Pride / Scrubs (NBC)[/li][li]Veronica Mars (UPN)[/li][li]One Tree Hill (WB)[/li][/ul]

My choice: Fox, you win. Both “The Jury” and “House” are intriguing to me, the first for its concept, the second for its star, Hugh Laurie.

If both of these suck, I might check out “The Clubhouse”. I’m not a baseball fan (or a baseball drama fan, for that matter), but seeing Christopher Lloyd, Dean Cain, and Mare Winningham on one screen at least deserves a look.

“According to Jim” is another example of a good-looking woman failing to convince me to watch a show. I think Courtney Thorne-Smith is one of the most beautiful women in show biz, but she’s never gotten me to watch this (just like she was unable to get me into “Melrose Place”, and only went so far with “Ally McBeal”). “Rodney” just looks generic.

I’m not a big enough “Shrek” fan to try “Father of the Pride”, and I think its tragic the way they’ce destroyed “Scrubs” in only three seasons. “Veronica Mars” skews young for me, and I can’t even LOOK at anything with a title as stupid as “One Tree Hill”.
[li]NYPD Blue (ABC)[/li][li]Judging Amy (CBS)[/li][li]Law And Order: SVU (NBC)[/li][/ul]

My choice: I like the original L&O better than SVU, but my wife’s addicted. Choice is made. (Wow, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy are still on? Who knew?)

No more Frasier… sigh…

Slim pickings indeed.

The only show on the whole list I like at all is George Lopez, and it’s not great, but can usually get a laugh.

Come to think of it, by this fall I’ll be working afternoon shift so I won’t be watching any of it unless I set the old VCR.

8:00 NCIS - not the best show on TV, not the worst, but I ended up liking the characters more than I do CSI, which I can’t really get into. Gilmore Girls I used to watch in reruns, occasionally, but I’m so far out of it now, I doubt I could re-pick up the plot. So, NCIS.

9:00 - I know it’s going to be bad, but I’ll watch at least the first episode of “The Jury,” if not the first several. After that - they got Hugh Laurie (who I love) on American TV. So I’m watching “House” Pity Scrubs is against it. (I’m ususally not home on Tuesdays either, so I can’t watch one, tape the other - the obvious choice).

10:00 - “Judging Amy”. It’s gotten better, really it has. And Natalie-from-the-Dixie-Chick’s husband is very cute. Plus, I’ll catch the SVU in reruns eventually. It’s L&O - it’ll be in reruns. I also can’t believe that NYPD Blue is still on the air.

Fortunately, “The Jury” starts in a couple of weeks, so if it blows chunks, you have plenty of time to make a different choice in August or September.

I think it could be good, although the cast photo in that link makes them look like idiots. I don’t know if those are supposed to be jury members, or lawyers, judges and clerks, or what. If they are jury members, how do they end up getting picked every week? If not, does that mean that a good portion of each show is watching a bunch of SAG extras deliberate on the fictional crime?

Nah, your right. It’s going to be terrible.

I’ve only seen one or two episodes of the show. It’s not bad, I agree. I’ve seen George Lopez’s standup routine live, and he’s hilarious.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I want to give “House” a chance… since two of my all-time favorite programs (Blackadder, Jeeves & Wooster) feature Hugh Laurie, I’ll superstitiously suppose I’ll like this one too.

This is an interesting night indeed. Some slim pickings and some shows I’d like to see.

8:00 - NCIS or Bernie Mac, depending on my mood. But I don’t want to see Method and Red, so who knows.

9:00 - The Jury and House intrigue me, but I like Scrubs, so I’ll have a dilemma, especially since Scrubs is on at 9:30 and I may be into the story on the Fox show.

10:00 - Er… I’ll flip around :D.

Since one’s at 8 and one’s at 9:30, we’ll be taping Bernie Mac and Scrubs and watching them on Friday. What happens to BM come October–does it get moved around or just put on hiatus?

Oh, and Tuesday night is Queer Eye night, so 10-11 is booked.

Maybe we’ll give House and Pride a shot, but we’re trying to cut down on TV as it is, so…

Well, this will give me a break. Given these offerings, I’m not going to be missing much when I start night classes in September. So…

Tuesday 7 - 10pm Classwork towards AP Certificate

It moves to Wednesday Night, when Fox will already be running the original episodes of “Method and Red” (I assume it repeats here, as Fox is doing a lot of that sort of double-airing this summer, from the look of it), which looks so poorly conceived it leaves a bad taste on my fingers just typing it, like when you eat too many Cheezy Poofs and it gets residue all over your hands…

I used to love the sketch comedy he did with Stephen Fry (I believe the show was called “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”

This’ll be easy:


Frasier is gone and 24 moves to Monday.

If you really want to see Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry do wonderful work, try and find the “Jeeves & Wooster” DVDs. Flat out hilarious.

Well, The Shield ends in a few weeks, so I’ll likely not be watching any more TV until Season 4. Although I have been meaning to get into The Wire, but I don’t know when that’s gonna be on.

Ditto. I also loved A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Hilarious stuff. As for the rest of the night…eh.

I’ll watch “Scrubs” and “Law & Order SVU” and TiVo “Judging Amy.”

“Father of the Pride” is an animated series with the voices (and lions, I guess) of Siegfried and Roy. How this got onto a primetime schedule I will never, ever, ever, not for the very life of me, understand. :confused:

OMG, I hadn’t even read through the whole description of the show yet. Seigfried and Roy are not even performing anymore, never mind any of the other strikes against this concept.

Can you say “belly up”?

It’s all about the GmoreGs.
Although I love the show I’m hoping this is the last season.

First Gilmore Girls, then House, then Judging Amy. This is the only night I’ve got a full night of television.

One Tree Hill