What will the future hold?

Ok serious time…what do you think will happen within your lifetime that will stand as a signifgant turning point in the human race? Example: Most of people alive today say Man walking on the Moon will forever stand as the turning point or the advent of the WWW on the general public…but what about you? Do you think you will say when you are old and grey “Hey I remember when I first saw the lunar surface myself?” or “I remember the first time I directly interfaced my thoughts with my computer”

Try to think how you perceive the future and what you would like to do someday.

A supportive post by C#3 and an intelligent one by Brithael or Kryptonite.

Okay, that’s slamming your thread. In my lifetime? I think the biggest thing will be a manned mission to Mars or another planet. Also, some kind of alien contact (no, the people mentioned above do NOT count.)