What will the Virgin Mary come up with next?

The Virgin Mary recently made an appearance at Coogee Beach in Sydney…In the form of a fence post…Is she a marketing genius or a devoted mother struggling to maintain popularity in a competetive world?

I’m not sure if a factual answer to your question is available…

Yeah, sounds like a poll. Over to IMHO.

In that case, I think The Virgin Mary will launch her own brand of cosmetics.

“Looking to attract the eye of that ‘special’ deity? Feeling like it’s looking for a ‘trophy virgin’ to bear its next incarnation? Look no further. With “Virgin Mary” brand cosmetics you can find a new god or keep the one you’ve already got. Or take both and be venerated even more!”

I am so going to hell for that.

I like this quote in the Yahoo article:

Now that’s my kind of vision. :slight_smile: